Civilization VI Leader Tier List (August 2023)

Civilization has always been an approachable series of strategy games. To help newcomers out, here’s our tier list of the best civilizations leaders in Civ VI.

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Side Meier’s Civilization series is noteworthy for its simple gameplay and the fantastic cast of famous world leaders. For over thirty years, many players have been scheming and strategizing creative ways to reach the end goal of world domination. Latter games in the series have included more diversity in skills and techs, and for some, that may be a bit of a turn-off due to how complex it can get. Today, we’ll look at some of the best Civilizations in the sixth and newest entry to the series, but keep in mind the list is subject to change as new information is discovered.

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Best Leaders and Civilizations in Civilization VI

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TiersCivilization VI Leaders
Tier SHojo Tokimune, Peter, João III, John Curtin, Kupe, Theodore Roosevelt
Tier AGorgo, Matthias Corvinus, Cleopatra, Simon Bolivar, Pedro II, Cyrus, Saladin
Tier BSeondeok, Pericles, Menelik II, Lady Six Sky, Dido, Gilgamesh, Hammurabi, Jayavarman VII Mansa Minsa, Qin Shi Huang, Kublai Khan, Phillip II
Tier CPachacuti, Wilhelmina, Amanitore, Montezuma, Basil II, Jadwiga, Tamar
Tier DBà Triệu, Gitarja, Frederick Barbarossa, Trajan, Kristina, Wilfrid Laurier, Catherine de Medici, Suleiman, Victoria, Magnificence Catherine
Tier FGenghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Shaka, Alexander, Ambiorix, Lautaro, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Tomyris, Mvemba a Nzinga, Robert the Bruce, Poundmaker, Ghandi, Harald Hardrada, Chandragupta

S-Tier Leaders In Civilization VI

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As the highest tier in the game, S-tier leaders are the best regarding flexibility. No matter what type of goal you pursue, you’ll have a relatively easy time building up to that final victory. If you’re a new player, we recommend choosing someone from this list to learn the ropes. In this case, Japan is good for Domination, Culture, Religion, and Science goals.

A and B-Tier Leaders In Civilization VI

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Our second-highest tiers of leaders are the most malleable on the list. The main thing that separates these leaders is the disadvantages of each one, which is more punishing than S-tier leaders. At the same time, they have terrific advantages that can break the game if played correctly. For example, Pedro II’s unique ability is fantastic when shooting for cultural and religious victories.

C and D-Tier Leaders In Civilization VI

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These tiers are when things start to get tricky. The main idea for these tiers is that each choice can go from average to outstanding, meaning it’s vital to know how to build each leader. The most important thing is to have a plan when picking someone in this tier. For example, Pachacuti is suitable for players looking for a cultural victory.

F-Tier Leaders In Civilization VI

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This tier is the hardest to play, especially for new players. Leaders in this tier are okay, but it’s easy to ruin your progress, especially if you choose someone warlike like Genghis Khan. That said, Genghis is superb for players adamant about fighting everything in their path. Read the skills carefully when selecting from this pool.

Once again, remember that this tier list is subjective and can change as other players discover and discuss opinions. There’s no wrong pick if you’re looking for a relatively relaxing play session, so if you have someone on the list who’s low, don’t be afraid to try them out. Be sure to use your best judgment when looking through the pros and cons of each civilization.