Pokemon Continues Lacklustre Pre-Order Bonuses With DLC Physical Bundle

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s physical editions with DLC continue the tradition of poor digital pre-order bonuses.

Image Via. The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are receiving new physical editions that include The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC. Unfortunately, the pre-order bonuses are lackluster, continuing a trend from the Nintendo Switch generation.

In the old days, Pokemon games couldn’t receive DLC, so there was no such thing as digital bonuses. The closest fans got was waiting in line to be given a Mew so they’d become the coolest nerd on the playground. The Nintendo DS generation brought Internet connectivity to Pokemon, but it was the 3DS that truly brought digital goodies to the series.

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Pokemon’s Digital Pre-Orders Aren’t An Incentive

Image Via The Pokemon Company

The Nintendo Switch Pokemon games have been criticized for their pre-order bonuses. This is because players have many options, depending on the retailer, and they’re all normally bad outside of Japan. It would be exciting if The Pokemon Company allowed Legendary or Mythical Pokemon to be given away, or even just Pokemon with unconventional moves or abilities.

Take Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ pre-order bonuses, for example. Those who pre-ordered the game on the Nintendo Eshop received the incredible bounty of 30 Heavy Balls, while those who chose to go with Amazon received the Garchomp Kimono set despite the game already offering exclusive outfits for early buyers.

The Pokemon pre-order bonuses are usually just common items that players can find for themselves with minimal effort. Gear like Poke Balls and healing items are everywhere, and it’s rare to run out of anything except for the most irregular items. Suppose the pre-orders offered extra Master Balls, Ability Capsules, or any of the items you’d normally need to grind the Battle Tower equivalent for; then that would be one thing, but it’s always common items.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s New Physical Edition Pre-Orders Are Bad

Image via Official Pokémon Youtube Channel

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet came under fire in 2022 when the digital pre-orders for the game were revealed. Those who pre-ordered through Amazon received ten Potions, ten Antidotes, and three Revives, which is nothing in a game where great items are found on the ground all over the place, and they respawn infinitely.

The upcoming Pokemon & Scarlet physical editions with The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC aren’t showing any improvement. According to the official Pokemon website, the pre-order bonus for these new editions is 100 Poke Balls, which is the exact same bonus given to those who purchased the double pack in 2022.

As previously mentioned, items are plentiful in the Paldea region. It only takes a casual run around the world to find many items that can be sold, so the chances of running out of Poke Balls are low, especially as you tend to find a variety of Poke Balls just sitting around. 100 Poke Balls is a meaningless prize and not much of an incentive to buy.

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There are so many rare and useful items that the Pokemon games could give players for pre-ordering, but it’s always these generic filler items that are useful for roughly ten minutes. It would be so easy for Game Freak to give out exciting items, but instead, the pre-order bonuses always feel like an afterthought.