Was The Villain For Pokémon Sword And Shield Revealed In The New Trailer?

 Was The Villain For Pokémon Sword And Shield Revealed In The New Trailer?

Has the main villain for Pokémon Sword and Shield been revealed?

With today’s trailer, we now know more about the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield video game. While we still don’t know everything, we have a better understanding of what the game will be about.

We know about several of the new Pokémon that will be making their debuts in the games. We know at least four of the gym leaders, with two of them being version exclusives. We know about Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, two new features that will be a part of Sword and Shield. We know about our rival, the professor, and even the professor’s assistant.

However, we still don’t know who the evil team is, and who will be the big bad. Or do we?

Today’s trailer reveals several new characters; one or several of these new characters could potentially be the main antagonists for the games.

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The two new characters that stand out in particular for potentially being antagonists are Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana. Chairman Rose is the head of a committee that manages Pokémon battle events in the Galar region. He is the one that implanted Dynamaxing in Pokémon battles, which made Galar’s Pokémon League world famous.

My fellow writers and I on Gamepur have discussed who could be the main antagonist of the game. Adelaide Weiss is the one that pointed out that Chairman Rose follows the general structure that Pokémon generally loves to villainize. He owns a big business and is probably rich, like Lusamine and Aether Foundation.

Moreover, his elegant design also feels like an obvious misdirect. He may have an appearance of a kind enough gentleman; nonetheless, he looks as if he has something more sinister underneath. I get that vibe primarily because of his outfit, which comes across as pompous and show-offing. Also, his beard and mustache are abnormal, making him seem more unflattering.

Chairman Rose

With that said, Oleana also looks pretty shady. Oleana is Rose’s secretary and the vice president of the committee. Her facial expression is what helps drives home that she may be a villain too. Her face looks cold, forceful, and uncaring. Her outfit is also more intense than the other characters; her overall design is a combination of fan-service and seriousness.

This leads into the question that if Rose or Oleana are the villains, does that mean one secretly works for the other? Is Oleana Rose’s puppet, or is it the other way around? Is Rose a good guy, or does he privately run an evil organization that is abusing Pokémon? Is Oleana playing second fiddle to Rose, or is she the one pulling all the strings?


Of course all of this speculation; we don’t know enough about Rose and Oleana to determine their roles in the game’s story accurately. We only really have their designs, nothing much other than that. Admittedly, there are designs do look slightly evil, but we don’t know much about their personalities yet.

With that said, Aether Foundation, an organization posing as good, were evil the moment their designs were revealed. Will the same be true with Chairman Rose or Oleana?