Pokemon GO Errors Guide: Fixes for Black Screen of death, Location, and More

Pokemon GO Errors Guide

With Pokemon Go, millions of trainer around the globe are hitting the streets to capture the rarest Pokemon in their surrounding. As the game is totally working on your Current Location, a number of issues and bugs are hurting the gameplay experience, so we decided to gather all the known issues for Pokemon GO and help people to fix them once and for all.

Pokemon GO Errors Guide

Pokemon GO Error Fixes

Black Screen of Death

This is the most common issue reported by the users. The Issue is mainly seen with the Galaxy, Nexus, and Asus Tablet users after the Loading screen. There is no Fix for this issue as the game can't support Intel CPU, so if your tablet or smartphone utilizes this technology then either you upgrade or Miss the game altogether.

Location Incorrect, Unavailable or Jitters Error

As the Game has just arrived in the Marked it needs to be tested in order to improve the GPS accuracy and Stability. To Fix this issue, make sure your device signal strength is good and the Game is released in your Location. You need to ensure:

  • Pokemon GO has Location Permission Enabled
  • Internet Connectivity is enabled(4G/Wifi)
  • Device Location is Enabled(GPS)
  • Location is Set to High-Accuracy Mode

AR Mode not Working

Users have been reporting about the Issue they get - 'Cannot Detect your Phone's Orientation' whenever they activate the AR mode. The AR mode helps you track and Capture Pokemon in real time(just like they showed in Trailer), and here are the reason why your device is having the problem with AR Mode.

iOS Device - Users with iOS 10 beta will have the issue as the game still needs to be compatible with the latest OS. Try reverting back to the older OS to run the game smoothly.

Android Device - The Smartphones like Sony, HTX and Huawei don't have gyroscope which is required to run AR mode and thus it shows the error message.

Heavy battery Usage

The Developers are still working on the Issue with some devices that are experience battery drain while playing Pokemon GO.

Trainer Progress Rests to Level 1

If you are also facing the Reset issue then make sure you have not inadvertently created two Pokemon Account(Google or Pokemon Trainer Club). If you did then simply log out of our account via Settings Menu and then Log back in with normal Login Screen.

You Already Own this Item Error Message

This issue can only be seen in Android smartphones. If you might have lost Internet connectivity while purchasing PokeCoins from the shop and thus receive this Error message. To Fix this, you must Power off and restart your device to resolve it.

PokeCoins and Items do not Appear

If you're having trouble seeing PokeCoins and other Premium Items in your Account them follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Setting(in-game) and Sign out
  2. Switch off and Restart the Device
  3. Launch the Game and Sign-in

Helpful Bugs

  • After the Gym Battle, if you lost to the Rival Pokemon then simply, close down and reopen the app and all your Pokemon will be revived and returned to full health.
  • If the Game Freezes while capturing a Pokemon the simply, close down and reopen the app to give another try.

If you've noticed any new bugs or error codes then do let us know in the comments below. If you are Looking for other Guide for Pokemon GO and Click Here.

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