Pokemon GO - Where To Find Rare Pokemon Location Guide

Where To Find Rare Pokemon Location

Rare Pokemons are one of the types that are hard to locate and find in the Pokemon GO. Before we set out for the exploration we want you to know what are the Rare Pokemon, the Pokemon which you do not spawn on a regular interval or sometimes in rare case. This Rare Pokemon Location Guide will show you how to locate them and capture with ease.

Where To Find Rare Pokemon Location

Where To Find Rare Pokemon

Players have already noticed that different places have high chances to spawn a specific Pokemon like Rattata or Zubats while another area will have Spearow and Pidge and so on. The Pokemon GO game mechanics tend to cycle several types of Pokemon in a certain area where you can find Eevee or Drowzee which are rare to find in some areas. There are several ways to find the Rare Pokemon and here are the best we Got:

Use of Incense and Lure Module

We Already know how Incense and Lure Module work, but we are going to try this while exploring all new area and surroundings. Visit the places which you haven't been before and use the Incense in such places to increase the chances to capture a real Rare Pokemon. Similarly, try using the Lure Module to a rare PokeStop which guarantees you a Pokemon will appear.

Collect 10K Eggs

Each Lucky Egg displays the number of kilometers you must walk(2k,5k,10k) for the Egg to hatch. The Egg can hatch a variety of Pokemon as the game features 150 Pokemons from the original and expected to be more than 500 over the time. Check out the List of Pokemons 10K Eggs hatch and are one of the Rarest Pokemon you'll find.

Note: The Pokemon GO app has a speed restriction so if you are traveling via any transport or driving one then the Distance won't be counted o hatch your Egg.

Contact Your Fellow Trainers

Contact your Friends and see what types of Pokemon they have captured. If it's not in your List then travel and try looking at the Nearby Option continuously to check if any new Pokemon can be found at the new location.

This was all About the Rare Pokemons in Pokemon GO, you can check our Pokemon GO Wiki Guide to know more about the game.

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