Far Cry 5: 4 Best Weapons To Unlock As Early As Possible

Best Weapons Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 has a range of weapons, but there are some which are very effective. In this guide, you can find out the tips to unlock the best weapons at the start. These recommended weapons are powerful and can help you a lot when you are in a battle. Many weapons are locked behind progressions, you have to reach a certain level or defeat a boss in the game to unlock it. But there are also some really effective weapons you can buy if you have enough cash. Certain perks are very important like Additional Holster Perk that cost 8 points and let you carry 3 weapons.

Best Weapons Far Cry 5

Best Weapons To Unlock At The Start

AK-MS "The Whitetailer":

Best Weapons Far Cry 5

  • Accuracy - 6
  • Damage - 6
  • Range - 5
  • Rate of Fire - 5
  • Handling- 6

A powerful AK that will offer you good handling and damage. It is also good to take headshot if you are able to learn it properly.  Add extra magazine, for $810 and you don't have to reload or switch your weapon in the fight. You can further increase the weapons power by adding Rifle Ammo Bag that cost 9 Points. The perk increases the amount of rifle you can carry along with .50cal ammo. Second most important perk is Rifle Master that cost 7 points, it will increase the speed of reload, aim and switching rifles. The weapon stats can be improved with upgrades. Still, it is already a balanced weapon, for mid and short range attack. For long range, it has a scope that can help you in targeting enemies from a distance.


Best Weapons Far Cry 5

  • Accuracy - 4
  • Damage - 7
  • Range - 4
  • Rate of Fire - 4
  • Handling- 6

The Flameout version can be bought while the regular version of this weapon will be unlocked unless you earn 6 levels of resistance. The weapon is good when comes to damage, with one shot you can take down the enemies. The handling is good, but you can increase it more by upgrades. The best perk that works well with this weapon is Health Boost 1 that cost 6 points. It increases your max health to 150%. You can get to 200% by Health Boost 2 costing 7 points.


Best Weapons Far Cry 5

  • Accuracy - 7
  • Damage - 5
  • Range - 7
  • Rate of Fire - 8
  • Handling- 4

If you like moving with a heavy weapon then go for M249. This weapon has a really great rate of fire, range, and accuracy. It is a very powerful weapon but has a long reload time. However, you can manage that if you know well to use the machine gun. This weapon can help you to kill down a group of enemies in no time, it also has a scope that let you target a distance enemy.


Best Weapons Far Cry 5

  • Accuracy - 8
  • Damage - 8
  • Range - 8
  • Rate of Fire - 3
  • Handling - 3

Talking about the sniper, it is not good to put some money at the start. You will get a good one once you are able to kill Jacob who controls the Whitetail Mountain region. Once you defeat him you get this sniper for free.

So these are some weapons recommendation you have to get as soon as possible in Far Cry 5. The only thing you will need is to get enough money to purchase them.  For more updates on the game, you can read our Far Cry 5 Wiki guide.

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