How to get 4th Weapon Holster and Lieutenant Location in Far cry 5

Far Cry 5: 4th Weapon Holster Location

A weapon holster is an extra slot in your weapon wheel, which is a useful option and you will want it as soon as possible while you play Far cry 5. For you to get the fourth holster you will need to kill a lieutenant. The game doesn't tell you who or where these lieutenants are. This guide will help you find all the lieutenant’s location to unlock the 4th weapon holster.

Far Cry 5: 4th Weapon Holster Location

How do you get the 4th weapon holster?

You will have to defeat one of the main villain’s Joseph Seed’s brothers or sisters to get it. It is recommended that you take out John Seed first at fall’s end in Holland valley. He is the bearded the one and has the smallest territory and it’s where you start the game. You will have to look around the area doing side quests, free outposts when all that is done John seed will challenge you.

After you defeat him you won’t get the 4th weapon holster, you will find it unlocked in your perks menu. You need to have a further 9 Perk Points, so hopefully, you have them all saved up by this point. This will help you get your 4th weapon holster.

weapon holster and Lieutenant Location

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