How to Get (and Spend) PokéCoins in Pokémon Go


Catching ‘em all isn’t always easy, and that’s where PokéCoins can help. PokéCoins are Pokémon Go’s in-game currency, used for purchasing consumable items and cosmetic wearables in the Shop. There are two ways to obtain PokéCoins in Pokémon Go: by successfully defending in a Gym and by purchasing them with real-world money.

Most items which can be purchased using PokéCoins can also be obtained through PokéStops, so purchasing items with PokéCoins is really only necessary if you don’t have access to many PokéStops, or if you want costly items and simply don’t want to wait.

Earning PokéCoins by defending Gyms

The only way to obtain PokéCoins without paying is by having one of your Pokémon successfully defend in a Gym. You can place Pokémon on defense in a Gym by successfully defeating all of the controlling Team’s Pokémon. Each Gym has slots for six defending Pokémon, and only one of each species can be placed on defense, so you may wish to make sure you have a good assortment of potential defenders to choose from.

You’ll earn 1 PokéCoin for every 10 minutes your Pokémon defends, up to a maximum of 50 PokéCoins per day. Your Pokémon must spend at least 10 minutes in a Gym before you’ll be able to receive any PokéCoins. You can place Pokémon in up to 20 Gyms per day, but you won’t be able to earn more than the daily max PokéCoins for defending. You’ll receive the PokéCoins when your Pokémon returns to you, whether by having its Motivation depleted or being manually removed from the Gym.

While on defense, your Pokémon doesn’t actually have to participate in battles. You’ll earn PokéCoins just by having your Pokémon available to defend. Pokémon are battled by challengers in the order they were placed in the Gym. The longer your Pokémon is defending, it becomes increasingly likely that its Motivation will be depleted and it will return to you, rewarding you with earned PokéCoins. Trainers can increase the Motivation of their Team’s defending Pokémon by feeding them Berries.

You can earn a total of 350 PokéCoins per week by defending in Gyms. At this time, defending is the only way to earn PokéCoins in the game without spending money.

If a Pokémon is returned to you before you’ve earned your daily cap of PokéCoins, you can place another (or the same) Pokémon in that Gym (or a different Gym) to continue earning towards the cap. It’s extremely important to note that you will only ever earn up to 50 PokéCoins per day, regardless of how long your Pokémon were defending.

Therefore, even if your Blissey has been defending a Gym for a solid three days straight before getting sent home, it will still only return with 50 PokéCoins total, not 50 PokéCoins for each day. Additionally, if you have three other Pokémon return on the same day after their own tours, you’ll still earn only 50 PokéCoins total, so their efforts are essentially wasted when it comes to earning PokéCoins.

Purchasing PokeCoins using real-world money

As with any mobile game currency, you can also opt to purchase PokéCoins using real-world money. The more PokéCoins you buy at once, the lower the price per coin. We’ve included the amount of “extra” coins you’ll receive by purchasing the larger bundles, beyond a $.01 = 1 PokéCoin exchange rate.

PokéCoins prices

  • $0.99 - 100 PokéCoins
  • $4.99 - 550 PokéCoins (+50 PokéCoins)
  • $9.99 - 1200 PokéCoins (+200 PokéCoins)
  • $19.99 - 2500 PokéCoins (+500 PokéCoins)
  • $39.99 - 5200 PokéCoins (+1200 PokéCoins)
  • $99.99 - 14500 PokéCoins (+4500 PokéCoins)

Complete list of items purchasable with PokéCoins

Many of the items purchasable with PokéCoins can also be obtained by spinning PokéStops. There are a handful of items that you won’t be able to get your hands on without spending the currency, such as Star Pieces, however.

The Shop also features boxes which include exclusive items obtainable only through purchase of said boxes. There are no randomized “loot boxes” in Pokémon Go—you’re able to clearly see what you’ll obtain in each box. Shop items are sometimes discounted during special events, but such discounts are relatively few and far between. It’s also worth noting that the only way to increase your backpack space and Pokémon storage capacity is by spending PokéCoins.

Here’s a list of all of the items that can be purchased using PokéCoins:

Limited Time Gift Boxes

Special Box - 480 PokéCoins


2 Egg Incubator
2 Lucky Egg
2 Premium Raid Pass
20 Ultra Ball

Great Box - 780 PokéCoins


6 Incense
4 Super Incubator
4 Premium Raid Pass
5 Star Piece

Ultra Box - 1480 PokéCoins


12 Incense
12 Super Incubator
8 Lucky Egg
12 Premium Raid Pass

Consumable items

Egg Incubator 150 PokéCoins
Super Incubator 200 PokéCoins
Premium Raid Pass 100 PokéCoins
Lucky Egg 80 PokéCoins
8 Lucky Eggs 500 PokéCoins
25 Lucky Eggs 1250 PokéCoins
20 Poké Balls 100 PokéCoins
100 Poké Balls 460 PokéCoins
200 Poké Balls 800 PokéCoins
Lure Module 100 PokéCoins
8 Lure Modules 680 PokéCoins
10 Max Potions 200 PokéCoins
Incense 80 PokéCoins
8 Incense 500 PokéCoins
25 Incense 1250 PokéCoins
6 Max Revives 180 PokéCoins

Trainer Upgrades

The only way to expand your backpack size and Pokemon storage capacity is by purchasing these upgrades. You can expand the size of your backpack by 50 for each upgrade purchased, up to a maximum of 2000 slots. Pokémon storage also maxes out at 2000 slots, though upgrades to this storage are purchased separately.

Bag Upgrade 200 PokéCoins
Pokémon Storage Upgrade 200 PokéCoins

Avatar items purchasable with PokéCoins

You can check out all of the Trainer avatar items by visiting the "Style Shop," accessible from the main Shop. There are different cosmetic options depending on your Trainer's gender, and some require you to earn specific medals in order to be able to purchase. Such items are marked with an asterisk in the lists below.


Pikachu Fan Headband* 180 PokéCoins
Firered Hat (Male) 100 PokéCoins
Leafgreen Hat (Female) 150 PokéCoins
Team Rocket Hat 100 PokéCoins
Fisherman Cap (Male)* 180 PokéCoins
Jogger Visor (Male)* 100 PokéCoins
Power-Up Knit Cap (Female) 350 PokéCoins
Felt Fedora 180 PokéCoins
Top Hat 800 PokéCoins
Newsy Cap 100 PokéCoins


Aviator Sunglasses 160 PokéCoins
Jogger Sunglasses (Male) 160 PokéCoins
Mystery Mask 400 PokéCoins
Future Specs 160 PokéCoins
Focus Frames 50 PokéCoins


Latias & Latios Shirt 250 PokéCoins
Pikachu Fan Shirt* 250 PokéCoins
Mew Shirt 250 PokéCoins
Gym Leader Top* 220 PokéCoins
Firered Top (Male) 250 PokéCoins
Leafgreen Top 200 PokéCoins
Team Rocket Top 400 PokéCoins
Team Rainbow Rocket Top 400 PokéCoins
Fisherman Vest (Male) 500 PokéCoins
Battle Girl Tank Top (Female) 220 PokéCoins
Jogger Tank Top (Male)* 220 PokéCoins
Business Blazer (Male) 500 PokéCoins
Charizard Pullover (Male) 220 PokéCoins
Pikachu Pullover (Male) 220 PokéCoins
Pikachu Tee (Female) 220 PokéCoins
Pikachu Tank (Female) 220 PokéCoins
Charizard Tank (Female) 220 PokéCoins
Team Valor Tee (Male) 500 PokéCoins
Team Mystic Tee (Male) 500 PokéCoins
Team Instinct Tee (Male) 500 PokéCoins
Team Valor Turtleneck (Female) 500 PokéCoins
Team Mystic Turtleneck (Female) 500 PokéCoins
Team Instinct Turtleneck (Female) 500 PokéCoins
The Thirty (req. Trainer Level 30) 220 PokéCoins
Diagonal Tee (Male) 100 PokéCoins
Active Tee (Female) 100 PokéCoins
Trainer Tank (Female) 100 PokéCoins
Sports Hoodie (Male) 100 PokéCoins
Streak Hoodie (Male) 220 PokéCoins


Firered Bag (Male) 250 PokéCoins
Leafgreen Bag (Female) 200 PokéCoins
Bow-Tie Bag (Female) 350 PokéCoins


Gym Leader Gloves* 50 PokéCoins
Leafgreen Wristbands 50 PokéCoins
Team Rocket Gloves 50 PokéCoins
Jogger Watch (Male)* 50 PokéCoins
Battle Girl Gloves (Female)* 50 PokéCoins


Team Rocket Belt (Female) 100 PokéCoins
Team Rainbow Rocket Belt (Female) 100 PokéCoins
Flat Buckle (Female) 100 PokéCoins


Pikachu Fan Shorts* 200 PokéCoins
Gym Leader Shorts (Male)* 200 PokéCoins
Gym Leader Skirt (Female)* 200 PokéCoins
Firered Pants (Male) 200 PokéCoins
Leafgreen Skirt (Female) 200 PokéCoins
Team Rocket Pants (Male) 200 PokéCoins
Team Rocket Skirt (Female) 100 PokéCoins
Fisherman Pants (Male)* 200 PokéCoins
Jogger Shorts (Male)* 200 PokéCoins
Battle Girl Shorts (Female)* 200 PokéCoins
Active Sweatpants (Male) 80 PokéCoins
Liquid Leggings (Female) 80 PokéCoins
Skinny Jeans 200 PokéCoins
Track Shorts (Female) 200 PokéCoins
Striped Skirt (Female) 200 PokéCoins
Turbine Skirt (Female) 80 PokéCoins


Pikachu Fan Shoes* 200 PokéCoins
Gym Leader Shoes* 100 PokéCoins
Firered Shoes (Male) 150 PokéCoins
Leafgreen Shoes (Female) 200 PokéCoins
Team Rocket Boots 200 PokéCoins
Team Rainbow Rocket Boots 200 PokéCoins
Fisherman Boots (Male)* 100 PokéCoins
Jogger Shoes (Male)* 50 PokéCoins
Battle Girl Shoes (Female)* 50 PokéCoins

Avatar items unlocked by earning medals

Certain avatar items can only be purchased after obtaining specific medals, earned for reaching gameplay milestones. You’ll still have to spend PokéCoins to get these items once unlocked.

Earning the Battle Girl medal unlocks the following items in the Store. These items are available to female Trainers only:

  • Bronze: Battle Girl Gloves
  • Silver: Battle Girl Shoes, Battle Girl Shorts
  • Gold: Battle Girl Tank Top

Earning the Fisherman medal unlocks the following items in the Store. These items are available to male Trainers only:

  • Bronze: Fisherman Cap
  • Silver: Fisherman Shorts, Fisherman Shoes
  • Gold: Fisherman Vest

Earning the Gym Leader medal unlocks the following items in the Store:

  • Bronze: Gym Leader Gloves
  • Silver: Gym Leader Shoes, Gym Leader Skirt
  • Gold: Gym Leader Top

Earning the Jogger medal unlocks the following items in the Store. These items are available to male Trainers only:

  • Bronze: Jogger Sunglasses, Jogger Visor, Jogger Watch
  • Silver: Jogger Shoes, Jogger Shorts
  • Gold: Jogger Tank Top

Earning the Pikachu Fan medal unlocks the following items in the Store:

  • Bronze: Pikachu Fan Headband
  • Silver: Pikachu Fan Shoes, Pikachu Fan Shorts
  • Gold: Pikachu Fan Shirt

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