Fortnite - Getaway LTM & Grappler Gun Explained

Announced last week prior to PAX West, the Fortnite High Stakes event has finally launched two days later than planned. It coincides with the 5.40 update which means there’s a plethora of new Fortnite stuff to get your teeth stuck into, but what can you expect with the new Fortnite Getaway mode and Grappler Gun item?

Grappler Gun

The Grappler Gun is a brand new weapon in Fortnite, but it can’t be used to kill anyone… directly, anyway. It’s basically a plunger on an extendable rope when you get down to the basics, but the utility is so much more. Fire it at any flat surface – preferably one in the air and not at the floor – and you’ll fling yourself towards it. You can then chain together multiple swings, gain momentum and soar through the air like a graceful eagle. Equip a sniper and spin around to try some outrageous trick shots or grab a shotgun and drop on someone from above, the possibilities are endless.

Getaway LTM

The new Fortnite limited time mode is called Getaway, and the concept is simple: steal a jewel from a safe then escape to a getaway van. It’s a squads mode, so you’ll need to bring a few pals along, we don’t recommend taking it on by yourself. There are always four jewels on the map, but when you pick one up, it’s visible to everybody for 30 seconds. You’re also slowed down by 10%, but it gives you extra health and shields over time. Only rare and above weapons are available too which means you don’t need to mess around with rubbish common weapons, but rifts and launch pads have been removed to stop players from traversing the map so quickly. If you want to get a grappler gun, then you need to loot one of 12 red supply drops as it’s the only way to obtain one.

Of course, the High Stakes event has also brought with it the Wild Card skin which is currently in the shop for 2000 V-Bucks along with challenges surrounding the Getaway LTM in order to unlock the crowbar. There’s a lot for Fortnite players to get their teeth stuck into this weekend, that’s for sure.

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