The best monitor settings for Fortnite

Make full use of your screen.


One of the most underrated aspects of gaming, either on PC or console, is adjusting your monitor settings. While tweaking your video settings to your liking is commonplace, monitor settings are often left out. In a game like Fortnite, every advantage is needed and there are certainly edges to gain by making the most out of your monitor.

Set your Refresh Rate accurately

Image via Windows

A common mistake for any gamer is not using their monitor’s maximum refresh rate. This feature essentially determines what frequency the graphics on your screen will display at while gaming. So, if your monitor is capable of a 75 Hertz Refresh Rate, that’s what it should be set at.

You can check what your monitor’s current Refresh Rate is by heading into Settings on Windows and clicking on “Display,” then “Advanced Display Settings.” If you notice your monitor isn’t set at the proper Refresh Rate, click on “Display adapter properties.” Once there, you’ll be able to choose what Refresh Rate your monitor displays.

Turn up the Brightness

This setting can be tweaked both in Fortnite and within your monitor settings. For most players, brightness should be kept at a medium to a high level. Too dark, and it becomes hard to see enemies or far into the distance. Conversely, too bright and you’re hurting your eyes and chances of seeing an enemy up close. The brightness on your monitor can also be found within the “Display” option of Settings in Windows.

Make sure Blur is off

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Most modern monitors come with a blur setting that is turned on by default. While playing Fortnite, this is something you’ll want to turn off. Not only does it clear up your picture in-game, but it also reduces input lag. This is a setting also found in the Settings of Fortnite, which should also be turned off.

Adjust your color settings

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Perhaps the biggest thing you can do for your monitor is to adjust the color settings. Since Fortnite is so vibrant, this becomes imperative if you want the best experience. To do this, head into your monitor settings directly, which can be done by pressing whatever designated button is on your monitor.

When in the settings, you should see several options to change. The option you want to navigate to should be labeled something like “Color Settings” or “Image.” Once you find it, you want to change several presets.

  • Contrast: Set to 50-55
  • Black eQualizer: Enable
  • Blue Light: Reduce down to 35-40
  • Sharpness: Set to 7-10
  • Color Temperature: Set to Red – 99, Green – 100, Blue – 98

You should be able to find most of these settings in any modern monitor. However, the most important setting to change is the Blue Light. In Fortnite, blue is a predominant color that can overtake your screen if you’re caught in the storm. Reducing the Blue Light will make things a lot easier to see in the storm and, in general, anywhere on the map.