Water, Ranger, And Air Traffic Control Towers Location | Fortnite Dancing Challenge

Dancing Challenge Tower Locations Guide

If you are following us, you know we have a Christmas present for you even Christmas is over. The gift is a complete guide of Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 challenges. Now we will focus on the step-by-step dancing challenge but don’t worry: you can find the others on Gamepur.

Dancing Challenge Tower Locations Guide

Towers Location | Ranger, Water, And Air Traffic Control

This is a multi-challenge quest and to earn the reward you must dance in a specific location, complete the match (or die), move to the next location and repeat until you have cleared the whole challenge.

  • Stage 1 - Dance on top of a Water Tower: north-east of the desert area
  • Stage 2 – Dance on top of a Ranger Tower: just north of the end of the desert area
  • Stage 3 – Dance on top of an Air Traffic Control Tower: look at the middle of the snowy area and go west until you reach the coast

Just a tip: Towers are destructible so, if you are looking for this challenge to be cleared, try to reach one of them as early as possible.

Where To Dance On Top Of Water, Ranger, And Air Control Towers

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