Fortnite Season 7 Week 5: The Secret Battle Star Location

The Secret Battle Star Location Guide

Every week, Fortnite entertains players with some challenges. If they clear at least four out of seven, they are awarded a prize of 5,000 exp points. But that’s not all: if they clear all standard challenges, they can go and look for the Secret Battle Star, that means a free Battle Pass tier for anyone that collects it.

After writing all seven challenge guides, how could we abandon our readers without telling them where to find the Secret Battle Star? Read this guide and you will discover it.

The Secret Battle Star Location Guide

Secret Battle Star Location

Once you’ve cleared all Week 5 standard challenges, you will unlock a loading screen that contains a hint for where to find the hidden Battle Star you’re looking for.

The image above (via our friend at Inverse) shows the loading screen and you can see an encircled Battle Star too. The cave shown in the picture is the one located between Frosty Flights and Happy Hamley in the snowy area south-west of the map.


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