The Best Classes To Use In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Best Classes

Destiny 2 contains three Classes, each of which has three subclasses. With a range of abilities, play styles, and Exotics in the game, it can be challenging to figure out exactly which one is the best to use. In this guide, I will run through my current setups for each class, and why I think they are currently so strong. 

Now, you can switch between subclasses pretty quickly, and this is something you should be willing to do based on circumstance. If you are running a Nightfall strike with a unique buff to a damage type, then you want to use a class that employs that damage type.

The Best Classes To Use In Destiny 2

What this guide will do is narrow down what I consider to the best "all around" subclass for the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. These will be setups that you can use in any situation, and will not steer you wrong. With all the said, let's take a look at the best classes in Destiny 2


Code of the Missile

Code of the Missile

The Code of the Missile allows you to fly through the air, and do devastating damage on impact. What will make this subclass shine is using the Insurmountable Skullfort Exotic. This helmet gives you the ability to instantly recharge your melee attack when you kill an enemy with it. The Code of the Missile skill tree allows you to gain Super energy for hitting enemies with your Ballistic Slam melee attack. I assume you can already see where this is going.

Using your melee attack to take out groups of lesser enemies means you will always be able to get it back, use it again, then repeat the cycle until you have your Super. Use your Super to clear out more prominent groups of tougher enemies then, and then repeat the cycle. The reason this is currently my favorite Titan subclass is just how often you can get your Super, and how useful the Ballistic Slam is in its own right. Even in PvP, the Ballistic Slam melee will get one shot a group of Guardians. 

There are certain situations where you might want to use the Code of the Juggernaut class. While it takes a little longer to get your Super, the Super itself can be extended to a ridiculous duration if you pick your targets well, as the duration will be extended by killing enemies with it. This makes it very useful when running Forges, or Nightfalls, that throw massive amounts of mid-range enemies at you. All in all, though, Code of the Missile gets my vote for sheer destructive potential, and also being fun to play.


Attunement of Chaos

Attunement of Chaos

Warlock has been my go-to class since the original Destiny, and at the moment I love the Attunement of Chaos. There are two ways to run this class at the moment. The first is to use the Nazarec's Sin helmet, as this allows you to gain Super energy by killing enemies with Void damage. You can then use weapons like Retold Tale, Telesto, and Hammerhead to power the Super. The other way and the one I prefer is to use the Skull of Dire Ahamkara. This will return Super energy for each enemy you kill with your Super.

The Attunement of Chaos Super is a slow-moving, enemy tracking Nova Bomb. When it impacts enemies it does enormous damage, then breaks up into smaller projectiles which once again hunt down enemies to kill. It only takes about six dead enemies to recharge your Super, so smart target choices entirely will give your Super a nearly constant uptime. The rest of the kit is quite nice as well, as you can charge your Grenades for extra damage, and melee kills will grant energy for your grenade attacks, meaning you can throw them more often. Your class ability can then be used to offer healing or damage increases to your team. 

While this class is undoubtedly my favorite for general play, if you find yourself in a Raid or Nightfall, be a team player and run the Well of Radiance Super from the Attunement of Grace skill tree. The healing and damage benefit it provides your team is immense and will make strenuous group activities much more manageable. Your Fireteam will thank you!


Way of a Thousand Cuts

Way of a Thousand Cuts

Despite a recent nerf, I still think Way of a Thousand Cuts is still the best subclass for Hunters. When paired up with the Exotic Shards of Galanor, it becomes a self-feeding ult. Hits or kills with Blade Barrage will return Super energy, which means well-placed ultimates will return most of your Super bar, allowing you to ult again quickly. The Knife Trick melee attack hits very hard and sets enemies on fire. When you kill these enemies, it will cause your melee attack to recharge quicker. Blade Barrage is a solid ultimate that can take out groups of enemies, or do substantial damage to bosses. The only thing to be careful of is spacing out your Supers if you and a Fireteam member are both running Blade Barrage. The explosions can causes enemies to move, meaning it is best to take turns to throw your Super, rather than launch them both at the same time. Blade Barrage is also an excellent PvP super, as it allows you to melt a room of your fellow Guardians. 

When it comes to straight up boss damage though, you should always consider running the Way of the Sharpshooter with the Celestial Nighthawk helmet. This will give you a single, hard-hitting shot of the Golden Gun super that will melt the health bar of an enemy. Just make sure you hit the critical shot, to maximize your damage. 

It should be noted, if you are new to the game, then you will not have access to all the subclasses, and will need to play through them in the order that they become available to you in the campaign. If this is the case, you will almost certainly find guides to help you out in our Destiny 2 Wiki

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