How to Battle Team Go Rocket in Pokemon Go

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Team Go Rocket is invading Pokémon Go. The newest update to the app is now live on iOS and Android, and with it comes an infamous team. Players will now encounter Team Rocket members and battle them, leading to an opportunity to capture shadow Pokémon.

Earlier, the official Pokémon and Pokémon Go Twitter account shared a cute interaction hinting at Team Rocket.

Pokémon Go ends it with asking Pokémon to DM them immediately about the development. However, that was the last we saw on Twitter about it. 

Or it was, now Serebii has some new updates for everyone. Team Go Rocket grunts can be found at PokéStops. We knew this already, thanks to leaks, but this confirms it.

Like most events in Pokémon Go, everything is centered around a gym or a PokéStop. Team Go Rocket is no different. It looks like lower-level grunts can be found loitering around PokéStops. When you encounter them at a stop, you have the chance to battle them.

The PokéStop will be grey, and when spun, will trigger an encounter with a Team Go Rocket character. After you battle them, you will get the chance to capture the Shadow Pokémon left behind. 

While finding Team Go Rocket isn't a challenge it's up to chance, so the best way to prepare for trouble is to double your PokéStop efforts and keep searching.

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