5 Baldur’s Gate 3 NPCs that Should Be Party Member Companions

We all love the BG3’s roster of companions, but these 5 NPCs should have been party members in Baldur’s Gate 3, too.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an intriguing and charming cast of companions. Though the world might not look that big on paper, there’s a lot of walking and talking to do in the realm of BG3. As you traverse the Wilderness, the Shadow Cursed Lands, and Baldur’s Gate 3, you will want to be surrounded by good company, and boy has Larian Studios delivered. Still, my mind can’t help but wonder about those characters that got away. Those NPCs with party member potential that, sadly, I had to leave behind in each act. I can’t store them in my inventory, can I?

Alfira: A Tiefling Bard

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Alfira isn’t just your run-of-the-mill NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3; she’s a hidden gem waiting to shine as a party member. 

Alfira is a talented Tiefling bard who struggles to compose her masterpiece. After running into her on the cliff southeast of the Emerald Grove marker, she becomes a sort of close friend. By providing the much-needed encouragement to complete her song, you unlock the door to a memorable camaraderie.

Alas, though you can invite Alfira to your camp after achieving victory (assuming you’re team Tiefling) for an epic celebration, that’s as far as you’ll get with her. While the idea of romancing Alfira got many hearts aflutter, that’s off the table. 

Why Alfira didn’t secure a spot as a party member companion in BG3 baffles me. Picture her harmonizing with the camp’s ambiance, strumming tunes, and sharing tales as the Bard companion we all crave. Who cares if her backstory needs a tweak?

Arabella: A Child Druid

Arabella Act 2 Baldur's Gate 3
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Arabella is the spirited Tiefling child in Baldur’s Gate 3. She has all the ingredients for an engaging party member rather than just a random NPC.

In Act 1, Arabella makes her debut as a captive within the Emerald Grove, where her parents scheme to liberate her from Kagha’s clutches. Fast-forward to Act 2, her shift to the cemetery entrance by the Mason’s Guild showcases her burgeoning Druidic powers post-theft of the Druid’s idol. 

Larian Studios has been subtly weaving her into the narrative. While concerns about ethical implications arise, her inclusion as a party member could be carefully crafted to avoid the child soldier dilemma. 

True Soul Nere: The Missing Evil Puzzle Piece

Side with Nere BG3
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True Soul Nere, the formidable Lolth-Sworn Drow, and a potential boss, is a mere NPC that should be a party member companion in BG3.

Currently stationed at the Grymforge, Nere showcases the game’s need for richer complexity on the “dark” path. 

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Nere stands out as a captivating solution to this, embodying a ruthless, unapologetic demeanor. His readiness to eliminate gnome slaves or even his own Duergar allies portrays a character unburdened by morals. In fact, he might even task you with the killing and murder you after you’re done.

Opting to align with goblins often feels like hitting a narrative dead-end, a missed opportunity in BG3. True Soul Nere’s uncompromising presents a tantalizing prospect for those seeking a darker twist to their adventure.

Dame Aylin and Isobel: Cute Couple on the Road

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Isobel and Dame Aylin are two captivating characters that should step out of the NPC shadows to become party member companions in BG3.

Dame Aylin, known as the Nightsong, champions the causes of Selune, embodying her devotion and complexity. Her romantic involvement with Isobel adds an intriguing layer to their dynamic. Although the option to have them join your camp opens up post-Act 2, their potential as permanent companions remains untapped. 

Isobel, a unique Half-Elf Cleric in search of Nightsong, showcases a compelling personality. The prospect of having Isobel and Shadowheart, who share a history, as allies promises heightened dynamics. Isobel’s disapproval of Shadowheart’s darker tendencies could spark intriguing conflicts. 

Listen, Larian, just let me bring this cute lesbian couple to the battlefield. That’s all I want.

Yurgir: An Orthon On a Mission

Orthon Yurgir Baldur's Gate 3
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Why relegate Orthon Yurgir to the sidelines when he could be an exceptional addition to your party in Baldur’s Gate 3? Currently confined within the Gauntlet of Shar due to a binding contract with Raphael, the potential to incorporate him as a companion is exciting.

Because I love my vampire spawn Astarion, I decided to make the deal with Raphael and kill Yurgir. But choosing his deal over other options could introduce an intriguing dynamic to your group.

Picture having an Orthon, complete with a Displacer Beast, as a valuable team member. The prospect of harnessing his unique abilities and bringing him into the fold enhances your party’s tactical prowess and enriches the narrative. Plus, if Yurgir left the NPC title to join as a party member companion in BG3, the final showdown against Raphael would be way more epic.