5 Best Moments from the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Epilogue

The Pokémon Scarlet & Violet epilogue is here and it’s full of Mochi Madness, not to mention some truly great memorable moments.

Indigo Disk DLC Epilogue Mochi Madness

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The highly anticipated epilogue to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has finally arrived, and while it isn’t very long, it’s packed with fun and memorable moments. This story-heavy epilogue features plenty of hilarious cutscenes with all of our new friends, and fans are here for it.

The epilogue to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is only about an hour of added gameplay, but it’s an hour full of cutscenes that round out the stories of the friends we made throughout our treasure hunt and subsequent DLC adventures. It’s likely to be the last bit of story we get from this world before we move on to whatever’s next in the franchise, and I think it’s worth lingering on some of the best moments we got in this finale to the story. These appear in chronological order and it probably goes without saying that they’ll include spoilers for the story of The Indigo Disk epilogue.

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1. Arven’s Jealous Boyfriend Energy

Arven Jealous Vibes Indigo Disk Epilogue
Screenshot by Gamepur

Maybe it’s the old childhood habit of seeking out ships wherever I can, but I can’t get over Arven’s surprisingly jealous reaction to learning about Kieran’s existence in Scarlet & Violet. He is giving major jealous boyfriend vibes in the most adorable way, and it’s now canon that Arven wants to date the player character. I don’t make the rules.

Seeing Arven determined to prove he’s our very best friend is one of the funniest parts of the epilogue, and makes him an even more endearing character.

2. Nemona Scaring Kieran With Her Intensity

Nemona Meets Kieran Indigo Disk Epilogue
Screenshot by Gamepur

This moment is making the rounds on X already, and for good reason. Kieran may think he got pretty battle obsessed during The Indigo Disk days, but he’s got nothing on Nemona. This is obvious with his absolutely terrified reaction to first meeting her, which has already become fanart fodder.

Her upbeat excitement about battle in Scarlet & Violet might terrify him at first, but her positive attitude seems like precisely the shift Kieran needs to understand that he can love battling and still have fun with it, too.

3. Penny’s Relatable Feelings About Sugar and Carbonation

Penny Loves Sugar and Carbonation Indigo Disk Epilogue
Screenshot by Gamepur

Look, I am Penny, and Penny is me. This was already obvious given her entire Eeveelution team and that adorable backpack. But she solidified my love for her character with her comment about how sugar and carbonation are her two love languages.

Aside from being relatable, this moment also encapsulates the way we got to see a more lighthearted and fun side of Penny in the epilogue story for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. I am here for it.

4. The Mochi Dance & Mochi Song

Carmine Does the Mochi Dance Indigo Disk DLC Epilogue
Screenshot by Gamepur

Should it be terrifying that the town is possessed? Sure. But is it actually just kind of hilarious thanks to the mochi dance and its accompanying upbeat song? Also yes.

Watching some of our favorite Scarlet & Violet characters do the mochi dance while shouting about mochi was one of the most enjoyable parts of the epilogue story, and we’re all a little sad there doesn’t seem to be a new mochi dance emote to go along with the new story.

5. That One Cutscene with Arven and Penny

Penny and Arven Eat the Mochi Indigo Disk Epilogue
Screenshot by Gamepur

I’m not saying I’m glad our friends got possessed by the mochi monster, but the way it happens is just… perfection. This cutscene where Pecharunt appears and throws mochi at the team is just plain hilarious in all its slow-mo glory.

The way Penny and Arven look so happy as the mochi of doom flies towards them is just classic, never mind that it has terrible results for both of them in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. A+ use of comedic timing here, Pokémon team.

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