How to Beat The Indigo Disk Elite Four & Champion in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Learn how to beat the five best trainers at Blueberry Academy in the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC The Indigo Disk.

Pokemon Indigo Disk Elite Four

Screenshot by Gamepur

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With the new DLC to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet comes a new Elite 4 and Champion to challenge. These Blueberry Academy students are now pushovers so be prepared for fierce battles.

Blueberry Academy has a League Club that is structured in the same way as the Pokémon League. There are four elite students with a champion who leads the entire club. Players discover that Kieran has taken the title of Champion and is working everyone into the ground, stressing strength over everything else. Drayton, one of the Elite Four, tasks players to fix their mess and stop Kieran.

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How to Beat Amarys in Pokémon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of Amarys and the player character after Amarys's defeat.
Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll find Amarys in the Canyon Biome. The first thing Scarlet & Violet players will need to do is complete their Elite Trial. Players will have to fly through floating rings to the finish line before time runs out. If they haven’t unlocked Miraidon or Koraidon’s ability to fly, don’t worry Amarys has you covered -the trial auto-enables the ability.

Amarys uses Steel-Type Pokémon for her team, all but one wild card that is.

Alolan DugtrioGround / SteelWater, Grass, Ice78
SkarmorySteel / FlyingFire, Electric78
ReuniclusPsychicBug, Ghost, Dark79
EmpoleonWater / SteelFighting, Ground, Electric79
ScizorBug / SteelFire79
MetagrossSteel / Psychic
Tera Type: Steel
Fighting, Fire, Ground (while Terastallized)80

Have Fire, Fighting, and Ground-Type Pokémon on hand for this fight. Skarmory has Whirlwind and Stealth Rock, which can be a challenge if players don’t take it out right away. Reuniclus is the odd Pokémon out being a Psychic-Type but can be easily dealt with if one of the Pokémon on the player’s team has a Dark or Ghost-Type move.

How to Beat Crispin in Pokémon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of Crispin and the player character after Crispin's defeat.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Crispin will bring the heat in Scarlet & Violet when it’s time to challenge him in the Savanna Biome. But first, Indigo Disk players will need to prove their worth by making him the spiciest sandwich they can muster in the Elite Trial. They are tasked to either battle or trade for sandwich ingredients that will make a spicy sandwich to impress Crispin. Gather all the spicy ingredients, like the jalapenos, and bring them to Crispin. You will have to make the sandwich, so be careful not to drop anything or you will lose them.

Battling Crispin is not an easy task. He has quite the Fire-type team that will easily KO players’ Pokémon if they are not prepared.

TalonflameFire / FlyingRock, Water, Electric 77
RotomElectric / FireRock, Water 77
MagmortarFireGround, Rock, Water 78
CameruptFire / GroundGround, Water 78
ExeggutorGrass / PsychicFlying, Poison, Bug, Ghost, Fire, Ice, Dark78
BlazikenFire / Fighting
Tera Type: Fire
Ground, Rock, Water
(while Terastallized)

Crispin will bring Talonflame on the field first to make use of its Sunny Day move. Make sure to have a counter for it and get rid of Talonflame as soon as possible. I found that having Rain Dance was perfect for this Scarlet & Violet fight. Having Ogerpon on the team and changing its type was handy in a pinch. Having a Ground/Rock-Type or another Water-Type Pokémon with high defense worked great to do heavy damage at the beginning so I could use Rain Dance with the other Pokémon every time to county Sunny Day.

How to Beat Lacey in Pokémon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of Lacey and the player character after Lacey's defeat.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Lacey believes in the power of pink, bringing a stacked Fairy-Type team. Scarlet & Violet players should be prepared as she will not only test their strength but also their knowledge. The Elite Trial the players must complete is a pop quiz. There are five questions ranging from knowing Pokémon anatomy to having acute observation skills.

Lacey is a Fairy-Type trainer with six Pokémon that each have a different subtype.

GranbullFairyPoison, Steel78
WhimsicottGrass / FairyFlying, Poison, Steel, Fire, Ice78
PrimarinaWater / FairyPoison, Grass, Electric78
Galarian SlowbroPoison / PsychicGround, Ghost, Dark79
AlcremieFairyPoison, Steel79
ExcadrillGround / Steel
Tera Type: Fairy
Poison, Steel
(while Terastallized)

Be sure to have powerful Steel and Poison-Type Pokémon on hand, as they will be the most effective. If players don’t have that, then they need a strong variety of types that will match up well with the above subtype. It will become a game of switching Pokémon quickly, and with precision timing, as the Pokémon above cover almost all bases.

How to Beat Drayton in Pokémon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk Drayton
Screenshot by Gamepur

Drayton is the last of the Indigo Disk Elite Four before moving on to fight Keiran once and for all. Drayton’s Elite Trial in Scarlet & Violet is as chill as he claims it to be. Players are tasked with battling three fellow League Club members. The twist—they can only battle with Pokémon caught in the Terrarium. The following are the Pokémon each club member will have.

Club MemberPokémon
First Club MemberBastiodon lvl 68 & Rampardos lvl 68
Second Club MemberAlolan Sandslash lvl 68 & Dewgong lvl 68
Third Club MemberMagnezone lvl 68 & Zebstrika lvl 68

I suspected Drayton would have have a team of Dragon-Type Pokemon, and I’m glad I was right.

FlygonDragon / GroundIce, Dragon, Fairy78
DragoniteDragon / FlyingRock, Ice, Dragon, Fairy78
SceptileGrassFlying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice79
KingdraWater / DragonDragon, Fairy79
HaxorusDragonIce, Dragon, Fairy79
ArchaludonSteel / Dragon
Tera Type: Dragon
Ice, Dragon, Fairy
(while Terastallized)

Make sure to have strong Fairy-Type Pokémon for this match and a few strong Pokémon that can withstand Electric and Ground moves. Keep track of the Pokémon’s subtypes and match accordingly. I would suggest, if limited on Fairy types, matching up strong Pokémon to assist the Fairy Types and take the brunt of the damage if possible.

How to Beat Keiran in Pokémon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of Keiran during his elite champion battle
Screenshot by Gamepur

The time has finally come to face Kieran and the consequences of our actions. Kieran does not have an Elite Trial in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. He just wants to get this done. By the time I reached him, I also wanted to get done. Kieran can be found at the entrance main stadium for Blueberry Academy. Talk to the woman at the main desk and she will set up the match.

DragoniteDragon / FlyingRock, Ice, Dragon, Fairy80
PolitoedWaterGrass, Electric80
IncineroarFire / DarkFighting, Ground, Rock, Water81
GrimmsnarlDark / FairyPoison, Steel, Fairy81
HydrappleGrass / Dragon
Tera Type: Fighting
Flying, Fairy, Psychic
(while Terastallized)

When attempting to beat Kieran, having a Fairy-Type was extremely helpful—bonus points for having a Fairy/Water-Type Pokémon. My Azumarill was the MVP of the show. I did bring out Ogerpon—which did deal a good amount of damage while on the field. Kieran also reacted when Ogerpon was sent out, and he was not happy.

Other than Azumarill, Primarina‘s a solid choice to bring with you, and you can easily beat Kieran with a Flutter Mane and Iron Hands duo. Flutter Mane’s Moon Blast can sweep most of Kieran’s team, and Iron Hands’ Fighting and Electric moves will pick on the type of weaknesses Flutter Mane can’t hit. You’ll just want to make sure you watch out for Iron Hands’ weakness to Psychic and Fairy moves. Make sure to have some revives and potions as Kieran’s Pokémon do pack quite a punch.

Once you beat Kieran in The Indigo Disk DLC, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet players will receive a Master Ball and move on to learn more about what is happening at the Terrarium, and in Area Zero.