All 12 Conservation Records at Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV

There are several routes you can take through Final Fantasy XIV’s Aloalo Island Varient Dungeon, and this guide describes each route.

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The Aloalo Island variant dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV, where you’ll have the chance to explore several unique routes and uncover multiple secrets based on the path you took. This dungeon has 12 Conservation Records that you can unlock, giving you unique endings for Aloalo Island.

The way you unlock these Conservation Records is by making certain decisions as you progress each of the paths. You’ll complete a specific path by going through this dungeon pathway once and then reaching the end. These are all 12 Conservation Records you can unlock in Final Fantasy XIV’s Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon.

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How To Get All Aloalo Island Conservation Records in Final Fantasy XIV

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There are three paths that you can select at the beginning of the Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon. Each path has a variety of choices, so you can expect to find four unique choices for each side, and these can be completed by yourself with a single Final Fantasy XIV character.

These are all the paths you can complete in the Aloalo Island dungeon and what you need to do for each Conservation Record in Final Fantasy XIV.

Aloalo Island PathDescription
LeftOn the left path, choose to not fish with Matsya in the middle of the dungeon, and refuse to help the Lalafell.
LeftOn the left path, choose to not fish with Matsya towards the middle of the dungeon and then help the Lalafell.
LeftWith this path, choose to fish with Matsya and then give bait to the sand pile on the left side.
LeftFor this final time on the left path, choose to fish with Matsya and then give fish bait to the right side of the sand pile.
MiddleChoose the middle pathway for this, and then take out the enemies in no particular order without stepping on the flowers,
MiddleSelect the middle pathway again, removing the enemies in no particular order, and then step on the purple flowers, scaring away the rats that appear.
MiddleSelect the middle path, choose to take out the Treant before eliminating the caterpillars, and then hit the Miqo as you kill the other enemies.
MiddleFor the final time in this path, like the last one, eliminate the Treant before taking out the caterpillars. From here, don’t hit the Miqo as you kill the other enemies.
RightWhen taking the right path, deny the fairy for secrets, and do not touch the treasure.
RightFor the next time, you take the path, ask the fairy for secrets, and you’ll progress forward.
RightThe third time for this path, deny the fairy for their secrets and fight against the middle treasure, which turns out to be a mimic.
RightThe final path is the most difficult, and consists of a secret path that you can unlock. For this, deny the fairy to learn their secret, and then perform a ritual with the three statues. The ritual goes like this. At the Whale Statue, go, “O messenger from beyond the horizon, hear me,” circle around the statues twice, first the sparrow, then the turtle, and then the whale, and then do the reverse, before performing the /dance on the whale

The second step is to go to the title, and say, “O wayfarer of land and sea, hear me.” Circle around the statues twice, starting at the sparrow, going to the whale, and then the turtle. Perform /bow at the turtle statue.

The third step is to go to the sparrow statue and say, “O dancer of the skies, hear me,” and then give a /blowkiss emote, before circling the turtle, whale, and sparrow statues, and then perform a /dance at the sparrow statue.

After you’ve done this, proceed forward to take out the standard enemies, and then place the statues in this particular order: Robin, Whale, and then the Turtle. You’ll know you’ve done this correctly when the statue’s eyes light up.