All 8 Pumpkin Locations for the Fortnitemares 2020 Cursed Castle Pumking Hunt Challenge

Trick or treat?


The Curse Castle Creative Hub in Fortnite is hiding some special Fortnitemares 2020 secrets. The Pumpkin Hunt means there are eight secret pumpkin locations in the hub, and you can track them all down with this guide.

Pumpkin #1

To get the first Pumpkin, jump down into the well to the right of the fence where you spawn in. Move down the tunnel a short distance and you will find it on the left.

Pumpkin #2

For the next Pumpkin, continue down the tunnel until you reach some stairs. Climb all the way up and you will come to a door that opens by itself. Don’t go outside, but keep climbing and you will come to a room. On the right side, behind some furniture and ghosts, you will find the next Pumpkin.

Pumpkin #3

Click on the “Back to Hub” option to return to the starting spawn, then turn around and head for the spooky gates behind you. On the right side, up the steps, you will find a graveyard. There is one grave that looks like a slab of concrete. Smash it, and grab the dungeon key.

Go back through the gates right at the structure, then take the first right down the steps. Keep taking right turns and you will come to a locked cell with the Pumpkin inside. Interact with it to use the key to open the cell, then grab the Pumpkin.

Pumpkin #4

Now, make your way to the large building on the left side of the area. You will see a circle on the ground, and if you stand on it, it will begin to glow. A message appears telling you to “Perform the Ritual”, so do any emote and then wall in the back of the room will dissappear. Take the stairs up, then go through the broken wall and jump down on the roof to grab the next Pumpkin.

Pumpkin #5

From the roof, look to the right and you will see a light on a monument in the distance. Glider over to it to find the next Pumpkin hiding behind it.

Pumpkin #6

From there, run in a straight line to the right of the map and you will find the next Pumpkin on top of a high pole. You will need to follow the poles to the left of it, then jump across them to get to it.

Pumpkin #7

From where you spawn in, got through the gap on the left, then past the two portals and into the doorway. The Pumpkin is right there on the right side.

Pumpkin #8

For the last Pumpkin, just go to the same spot on the right side of the area.