All Aether Current Locations in Garlemald in Final Fantasy XIV

Find all of the Aether Currents with our map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players who have reached Garlemald in Final Fantasy XIV will probably notice that this is the first Endwalker zone that you can fully explore — Thavnair and Labryinthos are only able to be partially explored during your first visits to them. As with any new zone, there are 10 Aether Currents in the overworld, and 5 quest Aether Currents required to unlock flying for the zone.

The 5 quest Aether Currents can be located on your map as you progress through the main story, indicated by a Quest Icon with a plus symbol on it — except for the final one, which is given as a reward for finishing the Main Story Quest in the zone. However, to find the overworld Aether Currents, you have to search yourself. By accessing your Aether Compass — no longer a key item, but instead placed in the Collections tab, under the Duty section of your menu — you can find the general location of the closest Aether Current to your character.

Screenshot by Gamepur

However, if you’d like to find them as your progress without needing to use the compass, the image above shows you where all of the Garlemald Aether Currents are. None of these overworld Aether Currents require quest progression or completion to access — you need access to Garlemald.