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All Ainsel River, Lake of Rot, and Deeproot Depths boss locations in Elden Ring

How deep does it go?

The Ainsel River, Lake of Rot, and Deeproot Depths are some of the deepest parts of The Lands Between. They may be underground, but they still sport plenty of monsters like the surface world. If you’re looking for a list of the bosses in those three areas, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find a full alphabetical list below.

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All boss locations in Ainsel River

Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella

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There’s only one boss in the Ainsel River, and it’s found in a throne room at the end of the river. You can reach this spot the first time you visit Ainsel River, but the rest of the area requires you to follow Ranni’s quest line.

All boss locations in the Lake of Rot

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

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Ranni’s quest will lead you down to the Lake of Rot, but it’s not deepest part of The Lands Between. Once you cross the lake and go through the Grand Cloister (marked above), you can ride a coffin down to an even lower part of the world. Astel is the sole creature down there.

Dragonkin Soldier

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There’s another boss treading water in the lake itself. Be prepared for a difficult battle in a very toxic arena — stick to the islands as much as possible.

All boss locations in Deeproot Depths

Crucible Knight Siluria

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After clearing the dual Valiant Gargoyles in Nokron, Eternal City, you can ride a coffin even further down. There’s an Erdtree all the way down here, and Siluria patrols the path right in front of it. The spot is marked above.

Fia’s Champions

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These bosses appear in the water at the upper level in the northern part of the region. Despite the name, they appear whether you’ve pursued Fia’s questline or not.

Lichdragon Fortissax

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That is not the case with this boss, one of many dragons in the game. It’s accessed from the same spot as Fia’s champions, but fighting it is the final step of her questline. See our guide for all the steps to complete that.

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