All Siofra River and Nokron, Eternal City boss locations in Elden Ring

Time to start a new dynasty.

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There’s an entire underworld in Elden Ring, and just like the surface, it’s got its own lineup of bosses to battle. There are six total between the Siofra River and Nokron, Eternal City, and you can find the full list below. The bosses are listed alphabetically.

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All boss locations in Siofra River

Ancestor Spirit

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The Ancestor Spirit battle is accessed by examining the animal’s corpse at the Hallowhorn Grounds — the spot is marked above. Before you can access the battle, you need to light eight lanterns placed along the river bank. See this guide for all the locations. Once they’re lit, you’ll be able to start the battle.

Dragonkin Soldier

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The Dragonkin Soldier doesn’t need any special activation. Just walk up to it, and it’ll awaken and initiate the boss fight. You can find it in the northern part of the map, marked above.

Mohg, Lord of Blood

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Finding Mohg takes a few steps, but the first is to reach the Mohgwyn Palace — here’s a full guide on how to get there. Once you’ve unlocked that part of the map, follow the path through the palace grounds and the mausoleum to reach Mohg in the highest room. Here’s another guide on how to beat him once you’ve made the climb.

All boss locations in Nokron, Eternal City

Mimic Tear

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To reach Nokron, Eternal City, head to the spot where the falling star lands after the General Radahn fight. You’ll be on some rooftops when you first enter the city. Follow them to an aqueduct (marked above) where you’ll encounter the boss on the other side of a fog door.

Regal Ancestor Spirit

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Like the previous Ancestor Spirit, you’ll access this boss fight by examining another body. This one’s found at the other Hallowhorn Grounds, as indicated in the screenshot above. You’ll need to light more lanterns, so see our guide for instructions on that again.

Valiant Gargoyle & Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade)

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This boss duo is the last hurdle in the city. They’re found at the end of the aqueduct, at the spot in the screenshot above. Once you defeat them, you can ride the coffin down to the Deeproot Depths, where there are even more bosses to find.