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All Aiwana Island Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Head to an island retreat.

Lost Ark, like any MMO worth its salt, is filled to the brim with items to collect. The most prevalent of these are the Mokoko Seeds. There are more than 1000 of them scattered across the game, often in some awkward spots to make you work for them. Aiwana Island is one such place, with the last few seeds locked behind a hidden path. If you need some help to find the Mokoko Seeds on Aiwana Island in Lost Ark, here is everything you need to know.

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Lost Ark Mokoko Seed Locations – Aiwana Island

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There are a total of three Mokoko seeds on Aiwana Island, which is located just north of Luterra. To start the island’s quest chain you’ll need to begin by talking to an NPC in Stern, which will lead you to this lovely vacation spot. The map is small and straightforward, but finding the last two Mokoko Seeds can be tough because they’re hidden in a secret area just off the map.

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Fortunately, the first Mokoko Seed on Aiwana Island is much easier to find. Just head to the area marked Point 1 on the above map. The Mokoko Seed will be nestled against a rock face along the beach there. Just look for the signature green glow and you should see it pretty easily against the sandy surface. Interact with the seed to collect it.

What about those last two seeds? The good news is that they’re nestled next to each other, so you can snag both at the same time. The bad news is that you have to go through a hidden passage to get there. Head to the north side of the island and head to Point 2 on the map above. You’ll see a secret passage tucked between a group of rocks that you can walk between. After a few jumps, you’ll reach the hidden beach at area 3 on the above map where the last two Mokoko Seeds on Aiwana Island are stashed away.

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