All Alolan Form Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

The Indigo Disk DLC’s Terarium has introduced a few new Alolan Forms of our favorite Pokemon to Scarlet & Violet

Alolan Muk Selfie The Indigo Disk DLC

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In The Indigo Disk DLC, one of our first tasks is to track down and catch an Alolan form Pokemon in the Terarium. There are several different Alolan forms to be found at Blueberry Academy, both for this quest and beyond.

If you’re trying to track down Alolan Pokemon in The Indigo Disk DLC, it’s helpful to know where in the Terarium to seek them out and which varieties are available. A few of the newly added Alolan Pokemon are version exclusives, so we’ll save you the trouble of searching the Polar Biome for Alolan Vulpix if you’re playing Violet.

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Alolan Form Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet and How to Find Them

As you explore the Terarium at Blueberry Academy, a few Alolan form Pokemon are hard to miss, such as Executor with its giant neck or Muk with its multicolored appearance. However, some Pokemon are more elusive and will take a bit of searching to locate. Thankfully, roaming the Biomes and catching Pokemon are both great ways to earn The Indigo Disk’s currency through completing BBQs.

To help you decide how to spend your Pokemon hunting time, here’s every Alolan form Pokemon you’ll find in the Indigo Disk and where to find them.

Alolan Exeggutor The Indigo Disk DLCAlolan ExeggutorCoastal Biome
Alolan Vulpix The Indigo Disk DLCAlolan VulpixPolar Biome (Scarlet Only)
Alolan Ninetails The Indigo Disk DLCAlolan NinetailsEvolution Only
Alolan Sandshrew the Indigo Disk DLCAlolan SandshrewPolar Biome (Violet Only)
Alolan Sandslash the Indigo Disk DLCAlolan SandslashEvolution Only
Alolan Diglett The Indigo Disk DLCAlolan DiglettCoastal Biome
Alolan Dugtrio The Indigo Disk DLCAlolan DugtrioCoastal Biome
Alolan Grimer The Indigo Disk DLCAlolan GrimerCoastal Biome
Alolan Muk The Indigo Disk DLCAlolan MukCoastal Biome
Alolan Geodude The Indigo Disk DLCAlolan GeodudeCanyon Biome
Alolan Graveler Indigo Disk DLCAlolan GravelerCanyon Biome
Alolan Golem Indigo DiskAlolan GolemEvolution Only

Alolan Pokemon In Indigo Disk You’ll Need to Trade to Get

Link Trade Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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Filling your Pokedex is never quite so simple as running around and catching them all, as there are often a few Pokemon in each generation that players can only get via trades. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk is no exception, with a handful of Pokemon that will be available only via trades.

Version-exclusive Alolan Pokemon this time around are Alolan Vulpix (Scarlet only) and Alolan Sandshrew (Violet only). If you want to fully complete your Pokedex, trading will be required to get the Alolan Pokemon that isn’t available in your game. You can also connect to Pokemon HOME and transfer in an Alolan Vulpix or Sandshrew if you’ve caught them in another game, such as Pokemon GO.

Since Alolan Graveler evolves into Alolan Golem only through trading, you’ll need to trade in order to get this final evolution of the Alolan rock Pokemon, as well.

Otherwise, you should be able to encounter these Alolan creatures in the wild in whichever version of the game you play.