How to Evolve Alolan Golem in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet the Indigo Disk

You’ll need to evolve your Alolan Gravler into Alolan Golem if you want to fill your Pokedex. Here’s how to do it and get an extra reward.

Alolan Golem Pokemon Scarlet Violet Indigo Disk

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The Terrarium in Indigo Disk is home to many Alolan forms, including Alolan Geodude and Graveler. However, one eager NPC wants to see an Alolan Golem, but that particular Pokemon is a bit trickier to come by.

Players trying to complete the Pokedex or see what they’ll get from this NPC if they show them an Alolan Golem will want to know how to evolve their Alolan Graveler into an Alolan Golem. Let’s go over how to get this evolved form and where you can find the NPC who’ll give you a little something extra for doing so.

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How to Evolve Alolan Graveler into Alolan Golem

Like a handful of other Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet, you can only evolve your Alolan Graveler into an Alolan Golem via trading with another player.

To do this, find someone willing to trade with you and then send Alolan Golem back. Then, connect to the Poke Portal and use the “Link Trade” feature.

Link Trade Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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If you and a friend both set the same link code, you’ll be able to connect online regardless of whether you’re in the same area IRL. That means you can easily find an online PokeFriend to trade with, and potentially even swap for one of the other Pokemon that evolves exclusively through evolution for a true win/win situation. Make sure your console is in online mode because the game will let you try to connect even if you’re offline, but you’ll never actually link up with the other player.

Alolan Graveler is Evolving Indigo Disk
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Once your Alolan Graveler arrives on the other end of the trade, it will immediately evolve into Alolan Golem. Then, your trade partner can pass it back to you, and voila, another entry in the Pokedex. A nice perk is that your friend’s Pokedex will also receive the updated entry because they did, technically, have the Pokemon for a little while. So even if they don’t keep it, they’ll get one step closer to finishing up their Pokemon research.

After evolving Alolan Golem, you can also hunt down an NPC in the Terrarium to get an extra reward for having this elusive Pokemon.

Where to Find the NPC Who Rewards You for Having Alolan Golem

Alola Friend NPC Alolan Golem Indigo Disk
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At Blueberry Academy, there’s an NPC who wants to see an Alolan Golem. If you enjoy talking to every NPC you can find like I do, you may have already come across this person in your adventures.

This NPC can be located in the Coastal Biome, on the beach near the border with the Savanna Biome. You’ll recognize them by their “Alola, friend!” orange speech box. Once you have an Alolan Golem in your party or box, you can show it off. In exchange, they’ll reward you by teaching you the Electrium Z emote.

Electrium Z Emote Indigo Disk
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This may or may not seem like a worthwhile reward depending on your play style, but you may as well snag it if you’ve already got your Alolan Golem and enjoy completing as much of the game as you possibly can.