All assist characters in Fraymakers

Fraymakers lets play call on indie game heroes as assist characters.

Fraymakers cover art

Image Via TeamFrey

Fraymakers is an indie fighting game that uses the same formula as the Super Smash Bros. series, where the aim is to knock the opponent off the edge of the screen rather than deplete their health meter. The one fundamental way in which Fraymakers differs from Super Smash Bros. is its assist system, which lets the player select another character that can be summoned at different points during battle. Here are all the different assist characters you can call on.

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All Fraymakers assist characters

Among Us Crewmate Imposter assist in Fraymakers
Screenshot Via Gamepur

Fraymakers lets every player select their fighter before moving to the assist selection screen. To use assists in battle, the fighter must fill up their meter by dealing damage through attacks. Once the meter is full, the player can summon their ally immediately, or they can save it in case it’s needed later in the match.

Below is the complete list of assist characters in Fraymakers at launch, the series they’re from, and how they work in battle:

  • Aine (Renaine) – Aine performs a short-range four-hit combo.
  • The Ape (Ape Out) – The Ape rushes toward an enemy fighter and throws them.
  • The Bard (Wandersong) – Creates a shield around the player that pushes enemies back.
  • Birthday (King of the Hat) – Throws a hat that knocks an enemy upward.
  • Captain Viridian (VVVVVV) – Turns gravity upside down and shoots the user into the air.
  • Crewmate (Among Us) – Creates a circle when summoned that lasts for five seconds. If the player presses the assist button once to summon Crewmate, it buffs their team. If the player presses the button twice, the Crewmate will turn into the Imposter and damage enemies within the circle.
  • CommanderVideo (Bit.Trip) – Turns into a shield that reflects projectiles.
  • Diogenes (Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy) – Bashes enemies with its hammer and pot.
  • Fancy Pants Man (Fancy Pants Adventures) – Jumps forward and strikes enemies with its pencil.
  • Gunman Clive (Gunman Clive) – Fires six bullets that can lock an opponent in a multihit if they connect.
  • Josef (Machinarium) – Performs a powerful upward attack that can KO opponents.
  • The Kid (I Wanna be the Guy) – Summons an apple and then runs towards it, causing it to descend and damage anyone it hits.
  • Kragg (Rivals of Aether) – Creates a stone pillar that can be used as a platform.
  • Lea (CrossCode) – Shoots projectiles at a downward diagonal angle that ricochets off surfaces.
  • Nikandreos (Apotheon) – Stabs forward and then upward with his blade.
  • Niko (OneShot) – Summons a circle of light that increases the user’s damage while they remain inside it.
  • Octodad (Octodad) – Grabs opponents and throws them down into a spike attack.
  • Orcane (Rivals of Aether) – Fires a stream of bubbles that harm the enemy.
  • Peppino (Pizza Tower) – Dashes forward, grabs an opponent, and then flings them in the air.
  • Pizza (Chicory: A Colorful Tale) – Leaves a paint trap on the ground that throws enemies into the air if they step on it.
  • Rhythm Doctor (Rhythm Doctor) – All enemies are with a spike attack after seven musical beats have played.
  • The Silent (Slay the Spire) – Performs a short-range stab that poisons opponents.
  • Tankman (Newgrounds) – Shoots a tank shell at an upward diagonal angle.
  • Welltaro (Downwell) – Fires a downward projectile that knocks enemies into the air.

There are more assist characters planned for Freymakers in future updates, such as a Rockman from FTL: Faster Than Light, but these are not present at launch. These will also include Fraymakers’ other playable characters that are set to appear, including The Watcher from Slay the Spire and Ultra Fishbunjin 3000 from Slap City.