All Batman skins and costumes in MultiVersus

A cowl for every occasion.

Screenshot from PlayStation YouTube

Through the years, Batman has donned an impressive number of outfits. From the spandex of the Adam West era to the armored look present in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, Bruce Wayne’s Batsuit has seen a lot of changes — with almost every variation having its fair share of fans and critics alike. At the time of writing, not a lot of these famous looks are present as alternate skins or costumes in Warner Bros’ MultiVersus, but there is one notable costume you can unlock for the caped crusader.

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Here’s every Batman skin/costume in MultiVersus. Given the live-service platform fighter is in its infancy, more Batman skins will almost certainly be added in the future. We’ll update this article as more arrive in-game.

Default Batman skin

Batman's default skin in multiversus
Screenshot by Gamepur

So long as you have unlocked Batman, you won’t need to pay anything to get this skin. The default Batman skin is unmistakably Batman and seems to take after the grey Batsuit worn by the character in a variety of comics. There’s nothing particularly spectacular about this skin, but it’s also not a half-bad design.

The Animated Series Batman skin

Batman in his The Animated Series outfit in MultiVersus
Screenshot by Gamepur

This one is sure to delight fans who grew up with Batman: The Animated Series. This skin is a carbon copy of Batman’s appearance in the show, complete with the yellow background behind the suit’s bat symbol, as well as the cowl’s iconic white eyes. The suit looks pretty good in MultiVersus’ art style, and adding to the splendor of it all is the fact that Kevin Conroy — the voice of Batman in The Animated Series — also voices the character in MultiVersus. However, the suit is not free. You’ll need to pay 2,000 Gleamium in order to obtain it.

Samurai Batman skin

Batman's samurai outfit
Image via Warner Bros/MultiVersus Wiki

This skin is not currently in the MultiVersus open beta, but it was present as a reward in the game’s closed alpha for those who reached tier 50 in the closed alpha’s battle pass. Given it already exists, it’s safe to assume it will arrive in the beta at some point in the future, but it’s unknown when that will be.

This skin seems to be inspired by Batman’s appearance in Batman Ninja — an anime film that sees Batman time-travel back to feudal Japan. It’s not a 1:1 recreation, with the helmet notably being an entirely different shape, but the similarities are definitely there.