All Battle Types in Guilty Gear Strive

Each battle type embodies a completely different playstyle.

Guilty Gear Strive

Screenshot by Gamepur

Guilty Gear Strive, like many other fighting games, features an official category system that organizes its fighters based on their Battle Types. A Battle Type is essentially a combatant’s fighting style, which includes their range, power, hit speed, timing, and techniques. Naturally each of the 13 fighters in the initial roster, plus the upcoming fighters from later DLC, fit into one of the nine Battle Types.


This Battle Type is best for entry level players, as fighters in this category equally excel at strength, speed, defense, technique, and ease of use. Sol, Ky, May, Leo, and Anji fall under this typing.

High Speed

Those under this Battle Type are extremely fast and rack up combos easily. Due to their high attack and movement speed, they can completely dominate neutral when mastered. Chipp and Millia fall under this typing.

Long Range

Fighters under this type are able to attack from a distance, which gives them a considerable advantage against opponents who use short and mid-range attacks. Axl is the only current fighter under this category.

One Shot

This is a Battle Type that relies on careful planning while waiting for an opening, then taking the opponent out in one fatal hit. Nagoriyuki is the only current fighter in this category.

Power Throw

Those under this Battle Type are of the “mighty glacier” variety, in which they move slowly but deal incredibly high damage through their attacks and throws. Potemkin is the only current fighter in this category.


Also known as Rushdown, this battle style specializes in speedy and strong offensive actions at close range. Giovanna and I-NO both fall under this typing.


Under this Battle Type, fighters can fire projectiles that dominate mid-range combat and put pressure on the opponent. Ramlethal is the only current fighter with this typing.


Technical fighters require tons of practice in order to master their moveset, but it pays off well with a character who can adapt to nearly any situation. Zato is the only character who’s currently under this type.


These fighters have movesets with unpredictable timing and results. However, mastering them makes for a combatant with an overwhelming offense that opponents will find difficult to counter. Faust is the only fighter under this category.