All beacon locations in The Shores of Plenty and The Wilds in Sea of Thieves

All beacon locations for your first challenges.

New threats have emerged as players celebrate the arrival of the Fate of the Damned in Sea of Thieves. There are colorful skeletons cropping up all over the islands, and you need to take them down, and investigate what stirred them in the first place. Alongside those colorful skeletons are various takes and Fate of the Damned voyages you can undertake with Larinna, the new leader of the Bilge Rats. One of the challenges of the event is to light the various beacons throughout The Shores of Plenty and The Wilds.

You need to light these beacons using the green and purple Flames of Fate.

Smuggler’s Bay Beacon

One of the beacons is on Smuggler’s Bay. You can find it near the center of the island, at the very top. Smuggler’s Bay is on the tiles E3 and F3.

Cannon Cove

Cannon Cove is to the south of Smuggler’s Bay, on tiles F10 and G10. You can find the beacon on the large rock formation in the middle of the island. Unfortunately, you cannot reach it on foot. You have to use your ship’s cannons to launch you to make it.

Mermaids Hideaway

The beacon on Mermaid’s Hideaway is closer to the west side of the island. You can find it overlooking the water on the island. You can find Mermaid’s Hideaway on tiles B13 and C13.

Marauder’s Arch

Marauder’s Arch is on the east side of the map. You can find the island’s beacon, right at the middle of the arch connecting two parts of the island together. You can find Marauder’s Arch on Q3.

The Crooked Masts

The Crooked Masts is to the south of Marauder’s Arch. The beacon as the highest point of the spire at the center of the island. Much like the Cannon Cove beacon, you have to use your ship’s cannons to reach it. You can find The Crooked Masts on O11.

Kraken’s Fall

The final beacon is on Kraken’s Fall. You can find this island on tiles R12 and R13. It’s to the southwest of The Crooked Masts. The beacon is on the northern part of the island.