All Blackbosom Reaper’s Collection weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

Prepare to reap.

Image via Final Fantasy XIV YouTube

If you want to add a variety of weapon appearances for your Reaper Job in Final Fantasy XIV, you can do so with the Blackbosom Reaper’s Collection. In it, you’ll receive six unique weapons that you can add as glamour to your scythe while playing as a Reaper. You won’t use these weapon appearances when not playing as a Reaper. These are all Blackbosom Reaper’s Collection weapons in Final Fantasy XIV and how you can get them.

The Blackbosom Reaper’s Collection is a paid optional item that you can purchase from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. You can grab those items in a bundle over here, or you can choose to buy individual weapon choices if you only want one. These weapons were wielded by Edda Blackbosom.

These are all six Blackbosom Reaper’s Collection weapons you can purchase in Final Fantasy XIV, and where you can buy them individually. You can only pick up these items from the online store. They will not be available in any drops.

All of these are optional items. None of them provide stats beyond the base item you’re wielding on your character’s Reaper Job. Instead, they serve as glamour to give your character a specific graphical appearance.