All Blue Medallions locations in the farm area in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Nab them with a knife to save ammo.

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We’re about to let you in on a little secret: the location of the Farm’s blue medallions in Resident Evil 4. These sneaky collectibles like to play a recurring game of hide-and-seek disguised as blue note challenges. But fear not. Once you snatch up the relevant note, all the medallion locations will be laid out on your map like a buffet at the Raccoon City Diner.

And don’t worry if you accidentally shoot a medallion before nabbing the blue note. We won’t judge you for your trigger-happy ways, and the game won’t either — it’ll still count as a collected blue medallion. Plus, taking a break from blasting Ganados and other baddies to complete these challenges will reward you with more valuable Spinels than a Jill Valentine autographed first edition. Here’s where to find all Blue Medallions locations in the farm area in Resident Evil 4 remake.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Blue Medallions locations in the Farm

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are all the locations to get the Resident Evil 4 blue medallions on the Farm during Chapter 1.

  • Typewriter shack
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You’ll spot the Blue Medallion at the north corner of the small shack with the typewriter.

  • Inside the stable
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You can shoot this one through a southwest-facing window.

  • In the barn
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Make your way to the top window of the barn by climbing the ladder to the upper level

  • West Storage Shed
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The third Blue Medallion is in the rafters of the small storage shed in the western part of the Farm.

  • Under the windmill
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The last Blue Medallion is hanging under the windmill balcony. 

Remember to pick up the blue note from the north gate wall before departing the area to complete the blue note challenge and receive Spinels from the Merchant, who can be found in Chapter 2. Also, remember that there is a Resident Evil 4 Wayshrine located on the Farm that can be unlocked later with the appropriate key.