All Bounty Board locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Hunting for bounty?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bounty Boards allow players to earn extra Gold and XP in Fortnite. It is a nice feature that has been part of the game for a long time and has once again returned with the arrival of Chapter 3, Season 1. Since a new chapter has begun, the map has changed, and so has the locations of the bounty boards. As of now, 13 Bounty Boards have been discovered and below are all the locations where you can find them.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Near Seven Outpost 1 northwest of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Between Rocky Reels and Chonker’s Speedway near the riverbank
  • Near Seven Outpost 2 southwest of Greasy Grove
  • In Butter Barn
  • In Greasy Grove
  • In Joneses
  • Near Seven Outpost 3 northeast of the Daily Bugle
  • North of Sanctuary
  • South of the Shifty Shores, just by the lake
  • Near Seven Outpost 4 on the southern island in the bay on the east coast
  • In the big house west of Camp Cuddle
  • Near Seven Outpost 5 south of Condo Canyon
  • Never Seven Outpost 6 south of the lake from Shifty Shafts

Since the new Chapter just arrived, there is a possibility that more Bounty Boards get discovered in the future. We will update the guide with their locations on the map if that happens.