All Cat Sanctuary locations in Ghost of Tsushima

We’re purring with excitement.

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Finding cats to save in an epic adventure like Ghost of Tsushima is at first quite ameowsing but as you find each cat sanctuary, you learn more about Jin’s past with his mother. All the cat sanctuary locations are easier to find than the monkey and the deer, but we’ve explained where every cat salvation is on Iki Island with purrcision.

Cat Sanctuary #1

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This cat sanctuary is west of Zasho River and is located near a waterfall. It is also set among a field of beautiful flowers. It’s the perfect place to relax after a busy day of battling. You’ll also see a small crooked tree nearby. This area is far inland in the middle of Iki Island.

After completing this sanctuary, you’ll get the Charm of Nekoma’s Hunt. It lets you assassinate targets from further away during Chain Assassinations with the kunai.

Cat Sanctuary #2

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This kitty corner is north of Barrier Cove in the northwest region of Iki Island. You’ll have to go down a hill under a pulled-up wooden bridge. Two Mongols will be waiting for you. Take them out and release the cats from their cage to make the cat sanctuary available.

Cat Sanctuary #3

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East of Old Gambler’s Wood and north of Kidafure Battleground in the western region of Iki Island, this cat sanctuary is defended by three Mongol soldiers and two dogs. The area is also overlooking a village overgrown with plants and moss. When you arrive, make sure you take out the annoying shaman first, who strengthens the enemies around you and then take out the rest. The tune at this point gets hard to play so watch out for sudden changes in the song.