All changes to Pharah in Overwatch 2 – buffs and nerfs

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With the change from the first Overwatch to Overwatch 2, many of the heroes in the game have had a handful of adjustments done to their kit. These changes were meant to make the game a better experience, and with multiple returning players coming back, some of their favorite heroes won’t be the same. Pharah is one of these heroes who have some new tricks up their sleeves. This guide covers all changes to Pharah in Overwatch 2 and a breakdown of their buffs and nerfs.

All Pharah buffs and nerfs in Overwatch 2

Pharah has only received a handful of changes for Overwatch 2. Nothing major was modified in her kit, so you don’t have to relearn any abilities. However, a notable difference is that Pharah’s Rocket Launcher ability will now reload 0.25 seconds faster when she runs out of ammunition, encouraging you to use every shot she has available before trying to fill. For those who find themselves reloading every two seconds after trying to hit a target, you might want to show some restraint while using Pharah. It could take some time, but it’s not a major reload speed change.

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The second significant change for Pharah is that her Concussive Blast ability will now do 30 damage against a target, and it will deal extra knockback damage if you land a direct hit. Although the power will still force a target backward, squarely hitting an opponent moves them far more effectively away from you and your teammates. This could encourage some specific gameplay with Pharah, especially if you’re playing on a map where you could knock your opponents off the side.

Pharah is a Damage Hero, similar to when she was used in the first Overwatch. As a Damage Hero, she will receive the passive, where she receives increased movement and reload speed every time she eliminates a target. The buff lasts for 2.5 seconds, and while it does not stack, it could make her highly deadly shortly after taking out another player.