All changes to Reaper in Overwatch 2 – buffs and nerfs

Reaper is trying to sneak behind you, and flank your team.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the arrival of Overwatch 2, a handful of the heroes have been reworked to make the experience more enjoyable for players. These changes are large and small, with many more minor changes making certain heroes accessible to everyone or causing them to be less of a must-have pick. One of the notable small changes happened with Reaper. This guide covers all changes to Reaper in Overwatch 2, breaking down the buffs and nerfs to this hero.

All Reaper buffs and nerfs in Overwatch 2

There have been a handful of changes given to Reaper as he makes his way into Overwatch 2. The two significant changes are directly applied to Reaper’s gameplay. The first is his Hellfire Shotgun damage has gone down from six damage to 5.4 damage for every bullet that hits another player, which means his basic attack has decreased. This does mean every shot for Reaper will need to count, and you will want to close in on your enemy to ensure you hit them with every bullet from Reaper’s shotgun.

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The second change is that his Hellfire Shotgun spread has down, containing his shotgun blasts. Previously, they were wider at eight degrees, which has been changed to seven degrees. This is a benefit to Reaper as every shot will now be more focused, but it does come with a downside, similar to his basic attack going down, where he will need to be closer to his foes for these attacks to matter. Reaper is a Damage hero, which means he wants to surprise the enemy, unleash his attacks against them, and then slip away before they can retaliate.

Along with Reaper being a Damage Hero, he comes with the standard benefit of receiving a 2.5-second movement speed and reload speed buff every time he eliminates an enemy. Although this buff will not stack, it does make it easier to attack enemies and then get away, even if his teleportation abilities are on cooldown.