All characters in Sonic Frontiers

Who among Sonic’s large friend group will make an appearance?

Image via Sega

Even if we stick to the games, the cast of the Sonic the Hedgehog series is vast. No matter the game, you can always count on at least a few of Sonic’s friends (and enemies) to make an appearance, and Sonic Frontiers looks to be no different.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of every character confirmed to feature in Sonic Frontiers, besides Sonic himself obviously, as well as their role in the story.

Dr. Eggman

He hasn’t been shown in any of the trailers yet, but Sonic’s arch-nemesis is set to return as Sonic Frontiers’ primary villain, presumably. Pre-release info says that Eggman has uncovered ancient technology in the Starfall Islands (the new setting), so it’s likely his fault why those robots are roaming all over the place in the gameplay seen so far. Whether he will remain the big bad for the whole game or is upstaged by someone/something else is another question entirely.

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Image via Paramount Pictures

Sonic’s two-tailed best friend is rarely far behind the Blue Blur. Tails was always a safe bet to appear in Sonic Frontiers, but he was officially confirmed via an IGN hands-on preview for the game. However, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be helping Sonic out this time as the game begins with the two being separated upon arriving on the Starfall Islands. No doubt the story will involve Sonic trying to find his missing friend.

Amy Rose

Amy was with Sonic and Tails when they fell through a wormhole to the Starfall Islands, meaning she’s stranded somewhere too. We can’t imagine she’ll sit around waiting for Sonic to come and find her; in fact, she may have more of an active role than even Tails. The IGN preview confirmed that Sonic will have an AI companion on his adventure, something that the announcement trailer alluded to with a disembodied voice aiding Sonic. That voice was previously revealed to be Amy during an interview. How she’s speaking with Sonic and what assistance she’ll bring is unknown at this point.


Image via Sega YouTube

Admittedly, Knuckles has yet to be confirmed for Sonic Frontiers, but it looks like he will be the star of an animated short made to promote the game’s release. All we know about the short is that it will serve as a prologue, with the teaser showing Knuckles on his home of Angel Island guarding the Master Emerald. If he’s the focus of the prologue, it’s safe to assume that he will have some role to play in Sonic Frontiers’ narrative.

We will update this guide when more characters and details are revealed in the run-up to Sonic Frontiers’ release this holiday season.