All classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Choose your character’s classes to create a balance party.

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There will be multiple classes to pick for your characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These classes will dictate the playstyle and role of your characters in combat. You will want to mix up your character’s classes in your party to do enough damage to take out formidable enemies, but a suitable tank and enough support classes to enhance everyone. These are all of the classes you can play in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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All classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

These classes will be broken into unique character roles, such as Attacker, Defender, and Healer. We were only shown six classes following the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 direct, but more will be available following the game’s full release. You can swap classes out for each character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Heavy Guard

A Heavy Guard is a Defender, capable of being at the front of combat and tanking for the party. You will likely want to have Lanz in this class.

Medic Gunner

The Medic Gunner is a Support role class and a ranged healer. They will do large amounts of AoE healing for the party, keeping them in the fight.


The Ogre is an Attacker role, capable of dealing heavy AoE damage to multiple targets that your party is fighting.


The Swordfighter is an Attacker, capable of doing single-target damage. Noah will be the character with this role at the start of the game.


The Tactician is a Support role, capable of healing the party, similar to Medic Gunner. The Tactician will also be able to provide beneficial buffs to all party members during combat, boosting their offensive and defensive capabilities.


A Zephyr is another Defender role, capable of dealing large amounts of damage and being an evasive target. Mio will be in this class at the start of the game.

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