How to watch the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct

Don’t miss a single announcement.


Image via Nintendo

To cap off the end of 2022’s not-E3 showcases, Nintendo is holding a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct. This event is a livestream that will solely focus on the third game in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, likely revealing details that have never been seen before. This guide explains how to watch the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct, so you don’t miss a thing.

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When is the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Image via Nintendo

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct is on June 22 at 7 AM PT/3 PM BST. The livestream will almost certainly be a pre-recorded video that is played to all those watching at the time and will last for roughly 20 minutes. The video will be available after the livestream is complete via Nintendo’s official YouTube channel.

Where to watch the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

The best place to watch the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct is on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. The livestream is already available leading up to the event’s premiere, so anyone who wants to start chatting with eager fans can do so in the chat until the end of the showcase.

What will be shown during the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct?

Prior to the event, we don’t know exactly what Nintendo will show from the game during the showcase. However, it’s likely that because this is a 20-minute livestream dedicated to a single game, there will be information on the story, the world, new battle systems, and much more. Every aspect of the game, including characters, will probably be explored.

In the past, two Nintendo Directs that were focused on the series revealed DLC. While it’s highly unlikely that DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be revealed ahead of its launch, it’s entirely possible. The game was set to launch much later than the end of July 2022, so the showcase could contain some details on an expansion or just a hint of one — if it exists at all at this point.