All Community Created wallpapers in Apex Legends

Every Community Created wallpaper currently in Apex Legends.

Community Created wallpapers

Images via Respawn

Apex Legends is one of the most tweeted about games out there right now. It is no doubt that the game has a vivacious playerbase and greater community. That is one of the major reasons that some community members are being immortalized in the game via their art. Apex Legends has adds a bunch of new in-game wallpapers of art created by fans of the game. Let’s take a look at all of the Community Created wallpapers in Apex Legends.

Community Created wallpapers

Currently, Community Created wallpapers have only been unlockable via Twitch drops rather than any sort of in-game means, and feature a plethora of different Legends.

Legacy Horizon and Valkyrie wallpaper by Osomatographe

Legacy - Osomatographe
Image via Osomatographe

Legacy Bloodhound, Revenant and Wraith wallpaper by Zonotaida

Legacy - Zonotaida
Image via Zonotaida

Legacy Young Octane wallpaper by Noxlotl

Legacy - Noxlotl
Image via Noxlotl

Legacy full group (featuring Gibraltar and Loba) by Kazama

Legacy - Kazama
Image via Kazama

Legacy Wraith, Bloodhound and Gibraltar by Heiro

Legacy - Heiro
Image via Heiro

This list is on-going and will be updated as new wallpapers are added to the game. We know for certain that one more Community Created wallpaper will be added to the game on July 27 when the in-game Thrillseekers event heads into its final week. To look at the full schedule of past and future releases, refer to our Community Created wallpapers Twitch Drop schedule.