All contents and activities in Destiny 2: Season of the Risen Season Pass

Is it worth it?

Image via Bungie

The Witch Queen has arrived in Destiny 2, and with that comes the new Season of the Risen. This is an all new season with new activities, rewards, and gear for players to get their hands on.

There is also a brand new Season Pass for Season of the Risen, and it is stacked with all manner of content. Below, you will find a full list of everything in the Season Pass, in both the premium and free tiers. The Season Pass also includes Seasonal Ornaments that are some of the sleekest and best looking to date.

Season Pass OwnersFree for Everyone
Exotic Weapon QuestYes
Instantly Unlocked Exotic Machine GunYes
Seasonal Reward TrackAll RewardsFree Rewards
Seasonal Gear and ArmorYesSelected Gear and Armor
PsiOps BattlegroundsYesFree Trial
Seasonal Artifact and ModsYesYes
Void 3.0 Subclass UpdatesYesYes
Guardian Games EventYesYes
Seasonal ChallengesYesSelected Challenges

The Exotic Quest will send players on the hunt for the Dead Messenger, an Exotic Grenade Launcher. Players will need to explore a strange bunker on Mars, commandeer assault vehicles, and get inside. There is also a massive new range of Legendary Weapons available that players can use to destroy the Lucent Hive.

Void 3.0 will give players an entirely new way to play all the Void classes in the game, and will allow for some incredible builds, so this should be a good one.