All Cursed Possession locations in Sunny Meadows in Phasmophobia

Grab these items and use them to your advantage during a ghost investigation.

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You can find and use many Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia. These contain helpful benefits that make it easier to learn about the ghost haunting the location, but they also come with a number of adverse effects that could potentially harm you and your ghost hunting crew. We recommend using them selectively while playing the game. You can find these items while exploring the Sunny Meadows map. This guide covers all Cursed Possession locations on the Sunny Meadows map in Phasmophobia.

Where to find all Cursed Possessions on the Sunny Meadows map in Phasmophobia

Like the Prison, the Sunny Meadows location contains seven Cursed Possessions. Each item has a unique power and you can choose to use it while exploring at a specific difficulty level for a Phasmophobia ghost hunt. You won’t always find these items if you’re playing the game on a lower difficulty or have them turned off in a custom match. These locations will be static every time you visit this map, so you won’t have to memorize the possible places you can find them.

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These are where you can find each of the seven Cursd Possessions on the Sunny Meadows map in Phasmophobia.

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Unlike the houses in Phasmophobia, each of the Cursed Possessions are in a single location. They will be in the Church area of Sunny Meadows and each is placed inside the Summoning Circle. You can grab them any time during your investigation, and they will not move unless you pick them up to place them elsewhere. This should make tracking them down significantly more efficient than every other map, except for the Prison, which follows a similar format at the front entrance.