All Dairon Energy Tank locations in Metroid Dread

Dairon’s mechanical hallways are hiding health upgrades.

Image via Nintendo

Dairon is something of a transport hub for Planet ZDR, connecting with nearly every region you’ll visit in Metroid Dread. As you make several trips through, you’ll likely want more energy to keep yourself healthy as you explore each mechanical chamber. That’s where Energy Tanks come in.

Every Energy Tank you find increases your maximum health by 99, and every four Energy Parts you find nets you a whole Tank. There are plenty of each to find in Dairon, and we’re here to help you track them down.

Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Wide Beam, Morph Ball, Varia Suit

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll find an Energy Part in the volcanic area southeast of the Purple Teleportal. You technically only need the Varia Suit to get it, but you might want to wait for the Gravity Suit if you want to play it safe. Use the Wide Beam to enter the super hot room and make your way down to the platforms that house the Part. Roll through the opening with your Morph Ball and time your jump right to reach the ledge where the prize sits. You’ll potentially only dip your toes in the lava on the way out.

Energy Part #2 | Requirements: Speed Booster

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This is found right by the Central Unit, but you’ll need to defeat the EMMI for the Speed Booster ability first. With that equipped, charge up speed and break through the Speed Booster Blocks by the doorway. Then you can jump up to the cubby holding the Energy Part.

Energy Tank | Requirements: Speed Booster

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There’s a small area that connects two parts of the EMMI Zone in the south-central section of Dairon. Move through that to reach a long hallway at the base a tall vertical shaft. Run left to right to charge up a Shinespark, then rocket up to the top of the long shaft. You can grab the ledge holding the Energy Tank on your way back down.

Energy Part #3 | Requirements: Bombs, Speed Booster

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There’s a small hallway bookended by Speed Booster Blocks in the EMMI Zone. Approach from the west to zoom through them and reach the spot below the Energy Part. This is easier to get with the Cross Bomb ability, but it’s not required. Instead, you can shoot out the hidden Missile Block, then use some quick Bomb jumps to clear the way to the shaft in the ceiling.

Energy Part #4 | Requirements: Speed Booster, Space Jump, Gravity Suit

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There’s a pretty difficult Speed Booster puzzle in the cold section of Dairon. At its top is a set of Speed Booster blocks, but the tricky part is reaching them. Our solution was to start running from the ice in the bottom corner, storing a Shinespark jump, and hopping to the ledge on the left. From there, you can hammer away at the Space Jump to quickly ascend to the ledge with the blocks, then launch into them as soon as you hit the ground. If you move quick enough, you’ll make it. Go through the next door to find an Energy Part on the other side.