All Dave the Diver DLC Expansions & What They Add

Fans of the deep sea diving game Dave the Diver want to add more to their sushi plates with current and future DLC.

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Dave the Diver fans reaching the end of the storyline might be wondering whether we’re going to see any expansions for the game. Dave the Diver has one DLC already on the market, and developers have hinted at plans for more.

The deep sea diving by day, sushi serving by night cozy game Dave the Diver is divided into several chapters that progress players through the main storyline. There are plenty of fish, NPCs, and game features to discover. That said, many divers are already dreaming of what comes next in the world of the Blue Hole and Bancho Sushi. Let’s take a look at the DLCs currently available for the game, what they add, and what we know about future plans for expanding the game.

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What is the Dave the Diver: Digital Extra DLC?

Dave the Diver Digital Extra

Currently, the Dave the Diver: Digital Extra addition in Steam is the only available DLC for the game. This digital extra is more of a bonus pack than a full expansion of the game but still includes some fun features for fans.

The Digital Extra DLC includes a unique boat skin to customize Cobra’s boat in the game. It also features an art book that lets you explore the art from the game from concepts to final versions. The digital extra pack also includes an mp3 soundtrack featuring sounds from the game so you can enjoy the sounds from various areas in the Blue Hole, the boat, and more.

Currently, this bundle of bonus content is priced at USD 8.99, making it a relatively affordable option if you’re looking for a collector’s item centered on the Dave the Diver Universe.

As of now, it doesn’t appear that there is an equivalent DLC add-on for fans playing Dave the Diver on their Nintendo Switch console. However, the game is still relatively new to that platform, so we may see a similar package for Switch fans of Dave the Diver someday.

Are There Future DLC Expansions for Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver Image

Given that the current DLC option doesn’t feature much in the way of additional gameplay, fans may be wondering whether MINTROCKET has plans for any further expansions on the game. Recent updates for the base game itself have added some gameplay features, so we know the creative team behind Dave the Diver is certainly still thinking about content tweaks and additions.

Because the base game is still being updated to include new missions and types of fish, it may be a bit early to think about DLCs, but that doesn’t stop us from being curious about what lies ahead for our pixelated friends.

In terms of upcoming DLC content, the developers haven’t given any specific details about future plans. Early information from the Steam page indicates the possibility of future paid DLC additions, but MINTROCKET has recently been focused on the Switch port and quality of life improvements for the base game. In past interviews, the game developer has expressed interest in looking at crossovers with other gaming universes, which could lead to some interesting DLC possibilities.

As for now, fans can grab catch a bit of extra Dave the Diver content right now, but we’re not holding our breath underwater for any DLC release dates just yet.