Finding the Seaweed Collector in Dave the Diver Complete Guide

Finding the Seaweed Collector for Mima in Dave the Diver can be a bit tricky, but you’ll locate him in no time if you know where to look

Mima Sea People Village Dave the Diver

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Once you find the Sea People in Dave the Diver, your next mission is to gain their trust. One of the friendliest sea people, Mima, is all too happy to ask for your help to run her restaurant, including finding her seaweed collector.

Finding the Seaweed Collector is the third quest you’ll get from Mima, who owns the restaurant in the Sea People Village. After you deliver lunch to the guards and retrieve some ingredients she needs, Mima will ask for your help on a larger task. Her usual seaweed supplier has disappeared, and she needs you to find him. The only clue she gives you is to look for “traces of jellyfish,” making it a bit tough to know where to start. Don’t worry; we’ve found the seaweed collector and can walk you through every step of the way!

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How to Get the Finding the Seaweed Collector Mission

Seaweed Collector Quest Start
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In order to start the Finding the Seaweed Collector mission, you’ll need to be in Chapter 3 of the game. This is when you’ll start doing tasks to gain the trust of the Sea People, including Mimi, the restaurant owner.

Once you’ve completed her first two quests, you’ll see yet another exclamation point icon outside her restaurant in the Sea People village. Follow the exclamation point icon on your map if you need help finding the building, then head on in.

Talk to Mima, and she’ll tell you her restaurant is closed because she can’t get any seaweed. Naturally, the only man for the job is Dave, and she asks you to head out to the Blue Hole to find the Seaweed Collector. She can’t give you directions to his house due to the ever-changing landscape of the Blue Hole but suggests you look for jellyfish, which are his beloved pet turtle’s favorite snack.

Where to Look for Jellyfish Traces

Jellyfish Traces Dave the Diver
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When Mima tells you to look for jellyfish, your first instinct might be to go where you’ve found them floating before. That’s definitely what I did, and it took a few false starts to discover where the jellyfish traces could be found. Tracking down the box jellyfish in the Limestone Caverns won’t do you much good here, except as sushi supplies. We’re not looking for live jellyfish in this case, but leftovers from a turtle’s midday snack.

Like many Sea People quests in the Blue Hole, you’ll need to head for the Blue Hole Depths to find the right jellyfish remnants. Head down to the depths on the lefthand side of the Hole, and make sure to pick up a UV light from a yellow box, as you’ll definitely need it.

Once you get to the deepest parts of the Depths, past a tunnel full of tube worms, Dave will make a comment about seeing jellyfish traces. These look like sort of jagged translucent blobs and will be floating around in the water. Unlike some other quest items, they aren’t marked with any kind of icon, so you’ll need to keep an eye out as you begin to follow the trail of jellyfish bits.

Some pretty deadly exploding jellyfish spawned in this area when I was there, so be cautious and have your weapon at the ready as you follow the trail. Eventually, you’ll swim your way to a door in the side of the cliff face, which Dave remarks must be the Seaweed Collector’s house. Swim up to the door and interact with it to enter. You’ll be asked if you want to go into a new region, and you need to say yes if you want to continue your mission.

How to Calm the Turtle

Turtle Panic Dave the Diver
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When you enter the Seaweed Collector’s house, you’ll find him in a panic because his beloved pet turtle is going berserk. He will do what everyone does in this game and immediately ask for Dave’s help with calming the turtle.

At this point, you’ll need to swim around the screen until you get close enough to the frantic sea turtle to grab onto its tail. Grab the tail, then follow the prompts on the screen to calm it (for me, I had to smash the spacebar on PC, but these prompts tend to vary when you’re catching fish). Once you hit the green zone on your interaction, the Sea Turtle will spit out what’s been bothering it, a stray plastic bag it somehow ingested.

The Seaweed Collector will thank you and make a comment about being able to go back to exploring the sea with his pet turtle. At that point, you’ll be able to leave his house and head back up to the boat.

Depending on what time of day you do this, you may be able to head right to the Sea People village to complete the quest. If it’s nighttime, however, you’ll need to wait until the next day since you can only use the magic mirror during the day.

Update Mimi On Your Quest

Thanks from Mima Dave the Diver
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The final step to completing the Finding the Seaweed Collector mission is checking back in with Mima to collect your rewards. During either the morning or afternoon, use the magic mirror on your boat to head back to the Sea People village and find Mimi’s restaurant.

Once you talk to her, she will thank you, and you’ll receive your kudos in the form of Sea People currency and a higher approval rating. At that point, you’ve fully completed the mission, and Mima will offer to learn how to prepare human food to thank you.