How to Find & Catch the Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver

Seeking the elusive Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver requires the right equipment and a dash of patience

Dave the Diver Depths with Cookiecutter

Screenshot via Gamepur

Dave the Diver offers plenty of unique creatures to catch and serve at Bancho Sushi. The Cookiecutter Shark is one of the more elusive creatures you’ll need to catch to progress the story.

Part of the challenge in Dave the Diver is meeting the requests of special VIP guests who’ll come to Bancho Sushi demanding something special. In particular, guests like to demand shark-related meals that put Dave in danger, such as the sought-after Cookiecutter Shark.

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What Does the Cookiecutter Shark Look Like?

Cookiecutter Shark Dave the Diver
Screenshot via Gamepur

The first thing you need to know when looking for a Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver is what it actually looks like. This shark variety is long and thin, with a sort of greenish-yellow tint that makes it look a bit more like some sort of eel than a shark.

Like many of the Blue Hole’s more aggressive creatures, it will have a little red diamond over its head to let you know it means business.

Where Can I Find the Cookiecutter Shark?

Zappy Jellyfish Dave the Diver
Screenshot via Gamepur

The Cookiecutter Shark is located in the depths of the Blue Hole, meaning you’ll need to have a certain level of equipment before you have a chance at encountering it.

Like many fish in the Blue Hole, its location varies each time you dive. However, you’ll need to be between 130m-250m deep to encounter it. It seems to prefer the lower depths and we’ve most often seen it towards the 250m end of that spectrum.

The Cookiecutter Shark tends to spawn more on the left side of the Blue Hole depths for many players, though it can be found in any part of the depths as long are you’re deep enough. Dive deep and look out for electrified jellyfish, which often spawn nearby where you’ll spot the shark, and you’ll eventually run across a Cookiecutter Shark. Just don’t get too close to those jellies because they’ll run you out of oxygen before you ever find the shark (we’ve got the screenshot to prove it).

What Equipment Do I Need to Catch the Cookiecutter Shark?

iDiver Dave the Diver
Screenshot via Gamepur

You’ll only be able to encounter the Cookiecutter Shark once Dave can withstand depths of 130m-250m. To get to this point, you’ll need to use iDiver to upgrade Dave’s suit and his air tank so you can survive the journey to the depths. You may also want to upgrade the amount you can carry since you’ll be tempted to take home plenty of fish as you dive deep enough to find this shark.

This is also a darker part of the Deep Blue Hole, which means Dave won’t let you head down too deep until after you unlock the headlamp. Basically, focus on getting through the first chapter or so of gameplay before you go hunting for this particular shark, as you’ll need to unlock the ability to explore the depths before you can find it.

How Do I Beat the Cookiecutter Shark?

Pew Pew Dave the Diver
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Sharks are some of the toughest creatures you’ll face off with in your diving adventure, so you’ll want to come prepared.

Though the Cookiecutter Shark is a bit hard to find, it’s not particularly challenging to fight as long as you don’t try to hack away at it with a weak melee weapon. The Cookiecutter is speedy and will bite you once you’re close enough to it, so it’s best to avoid getting too up close and personal with it. If you can, try to shoot at it with something like the Basic Underwater Rifle or Tripe Axel to do damage quickly and from further away. You can also chip away at it with a higher-powered harpoon from afar to avoid the bite attack, but personally we think a Triple Axel is the way to go with this one so you can take it down fast.

If you spend enough time exploring the deep dark depths of the Blue Hole, you’re bound to come across the Cookiecutter Shark eventually. Make sure you’re prepared with the right weapons and plenty of space to carry this bad boy back to the surface so you can serve it up to those demanding customers at Bancho Sushi.