Dave the Diver Switch Update Brings Improvements and Bug Fixes

Fans playing Dave the Diver on Nintendo Switch can now download the game’s first major update with gameplay improvements and bug fixes

Dave the Diver Switch Cover


Cozy fishing and sushi restaurant game Dave the Diver caught a new set of fans with its release on Nintendo Switch. Recently, Switch fans saw the first major update since the game came to the console, with improvements and bug fixes galore.

Game developers MINTROCKET have been pretty transparent about the challenges with bringing the beloved deep sea diving game to the Nintendo Switch console. However, they made it happen and remain committed to improvements in future updates. One such update dropped on October 31 for the console version of the game, bringing some tweaks to gameplay quality and a few bug fixes. If you’re curious about what changed in the Switch Update for Dave the Diver, let’s cover the basics.

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How to Install the Dave the Diver Update on Switch

To experience the changes from the latest update for Dave the Diver, you’ll want to update your copy of the game on your Switch console.

You can do this from the home screen of your Switch by hovering over the title icon for Dave the Diver. Next, pull up the option menu with the + button, then navigate to the software update option. You’ll need to download the update via the internet to install the latest version of the game.

Dave the Diver Switch Update Improvements

Dave the Diver Boss Fight(1)

With the latest update of Dave the Diver, the developer focused on a few key gameplay improvements to make the experience better for those of us exploring the Blue Hole via Nintendo Switch. These include…

  • A balance adjustment to one of the key boss battles you encounter after Level 7 (no spoilers, but if you know, you know)
  • Tweaks to improve gameplay of the Ice Pick minigame, which features as part of a particular mission that previously wasn’t always recognizing when goals were achieved
  • Some species of fish and other underwater critters got size adjustments
  • The game menu window was adjusted to work better on the Nintendo Switch, and icon recognition issues for the Pro controller were addressed as well

Dave the Diver Switch Update Bug Fixes

Sea People Village Dave the Diver

In addition to the general improvements with this round of updates, the developers also worked to squash bugs from the Switch version of Dave the Diver, including:

  • Fixes for bugs related to controls and damage during a boss fight in Chapter 7
  • Some items during a few missions in Sea People Village would occasionally vanish, which has hopefully been resolved
  • An issue after Chapter 6 issue involving a key creature not spawning has also been addressed
  • Several bugs related to underwater exploration in the Blue Hole have been patched as well, including errors with salvaging sharks, problems with crab traps, and creatures getting stuck inside the landscape
  • A few User Interface bugs were addressed as well, particularly some challenges during the Switch tutorial showing incorrect controls and certain buttons displaying improperly
  • Errors with incorrect text showing up on screen during certain conversations between Dave and the other citizens of the Blue Hole have been corrected as well

Whenever a game makes its way to a new platform, there will likely be bugs and issues to work through. It’s encouraging to see such significant updates and bug fixes so early in the game’s life on Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, this will make the joys of diving for fish and running Bancho Sushi even smoother for divers using the Switch console for their Dave the Diver adventure.