How To Find & Catch the Silver Titan Triggerfish in Dave the Diver

Don’t let the tricky Silver Titan Triggerfish escape your clutches. Our guide tells you how to catch this valuable fishmon.

Image of the Silver Titan Triggerfish above text reading "FISHMON FOUND!!"


Dave the Diver lives a busy life. Between running Bancho Sushi, sourcing the freshest ingredients for his business, and completing fetch quests from hapless locals, it seems his work is never done. One tricky task Dave is given which players might struggle with is finding and capturing the Silver Titan Triggerfish.

One of the locals who send Dave out on different tasks is Udo, a local reporter from the Weekly Fish. Udo’s interest in sea life is mostly academic, he wants to record Dave’s catches—not eat them. When he sends Dave after the Silver Titan Triggerfish, the player (and Dave) can be in for a tough time, as this fishmon is a particularly tricky catch. Luckily, you have a few options to capture this elusive quarry. Once you know the trick to bagging this fishmon, you’ll complete this quest in no time.

What is a Silver Titan Triggerfish? 

Udo excitedly tells Dave, "There's another FishMon to add to our collection! We nearly mistook it for a rock or some kind of mineral!" The background is a charming coastal inlet with Dave's boat and sushi business visible.

The Silver Titan Triggerfish is a variation of the aggressive Titan Triggerfish. The ordinary Titan triggerfish appears fairly early in the game, starting right after the prologue mission. The Silver Titan Triggerfish appears later, and while it has its counterpart’s aggressive demeanor, it also boasts valuable pure silver scales. The Silver Titan Triggerfish is, therefore, a silvery-grey in color rather than the yellow color of the standard version. 

How Do You Catch The Silver Titan Triggerfish?

While an ordinary Titan Triggerfish is a shallow water fish, appearing in waters up to 50m deep, the Silver Titan Triggerfish variation appears a little deeper down— starting at 50m deep. Once you’ve accepted the mission to capture one for Udo, the Silver Titan Triggerfish should not be hard to find. When setting out to catch the Silver Titan Triggerfish, you have two options. The first, is to zap it into submission with your Lightning Rifle. Your second option is to capture it in a net. Either way will work in a pinch, but the Lightning Rifle is the more conventional choice. 

Expect to run (or, in this case, swim) into some trouble on this quest. It’s very likely that you will be attacked while on your way to finding the Silver Titan Triggerfish. At this depth, there are plenty of sharks and regular Titan Triggerfish around to menace you. But you will not be in the clear even after you’ve found the Silver Titan Triggerfish. This aggressive fishmon will attack you once you are able to find it. 

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Method One: The Lightning Rifle

An image of the Lightning Rifle. There is partial text in background, but main text reads "Lightning Rifle I" and "Warning."

The first method you can use to catch the Silver Titan Triggerfish is to go after it with the Lightning Rifle. This is the way that the game intends for you to capture the Silver Titan Triggerfish, as indicated when Udo says that “silver is a good conductor of electricity” when he sends you on the quest. Do not be mislead into using the Shock Harpoon Tip, as it will not work. 

Once you’ve got the Silver Titan Triggerfish in your sights, it’s not simply a matter of hitting it with the Lightning Rifle and calling it a day. You need to be strategic to catch this quarry. The key to capturing the Silver Titan Triggerfish using the Lightning Rilfe is to refrain from aiming it directly at the Silver Titan Triggerfish and instead fire it at any smaller fish which might be swimming around. 

If you aim the Lightning Rifle directly at the Silver Titan Triggerfish it will not work, the electricity will bounce harmlessly off of it, leaving it free to try to take a chomp out of Dave. There may be no smaller fish around to bounce the lightning off of, which means this method will not work. If that’s the situation, you can either move on to another method to catch the Silver Titan Triggerfish, or simply lure it to an area where there are small fish.

If smaller fish are already around, hit them with the Lightning Rifle. The lightning will surge from the small fish into the Silver Titan Triggerfish and will deal damage to it. Soon, it will be incapacitated and you will be able to capture it to bring up to Udo.

Method Two: Nets

Sometimes, accidents happen, so it’s best to be prepared with an alternative plan. Maybe you accidentally killed the little fish you need around in order for the Lightning Rifle method to work, or maybe you just don’t feel like using the Lightning Rifle this time for personal reasons. Luckily, you have another option: Nets.

Since its pure silver scales give the Silver Titan Triggerfish no advantage over nets, there are a variety of nets you can use. Any highly powered net gun should do the trick. However, the Steel Net Gun comes highly recommended. 

All you need to do to capture the Silver Titan Triggerfish with the Steel Net Gun is to find it, and then fire away. The Silver Titan Triggerfish will be captured in the net just like any other fish, and will be yours for the taking. 

With the Silver Titan Triggerfish in hand (or, as the case may be, in net) Dave can return to the surface and hand over his catch to Udo, in exchange for a hefty reward delivered after that week’s Weekly Fish is published. The Silver Titan Triggerfish can be a tough opponent, but once you know what to do it’s fairly easy to catch. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be back to exploring the Blue Hole in no time at all.