How to Find Feather Coral in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver gets sent on plenty of fetch quests, and one tricky item you’ll need to help him find is feather coral.

Dave the Diver Feather Coral Closeup

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Dave the Diver winds up helping out with a lot more than just catching fish throughout the events of the game. One request from the mysterious Sea People involves finding an unusual ingredient called Feather Coral, and players may be wondering where to get it.

Feather Coral is an aptly named ingredient that looks like a little feather under the sea. It’s used by the Sea People as part of a healing dish, which means they’ll occasionally request Dave’s help with finding it. If you’re trying to build up your relationship with the Sea People by fulfilling their need for feather coral, here’s how you can get your hands on it.

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When Can You Find Feather Coral in Dave the Diver?

Sea People Village Dave the Diver

One reason it can be hard to know where to locate feather coral in Dave the Diver is that it’s only available when you have an active task to find it. That means that you won’t go into a mission with a stash of feather coral, but will have to find it once the Sea People ask for it.

The first time you’ll be able to find feather coral is when a character asks for it in Chapter 2, as a healing agent that Bancho will need to prepare. Once you’ve been asked to find Feather Coral, you’ll see it start to spawn in the Blue Hole. After you fulfill this mission, however, the coral will vanish until you start another mission that requires it. There are a few different Sea People-related scenarios where you’ll be asked to find this ingredient, so it’s helpful to get a sense of where it appears when it’s available.

Where Can You Find Feather Coral in Dave the Diver

Feather Coral Dave the Diver
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Feather coral, like most collectibles in Dave the Diver, can be found resting on the sea floor. Unlike your more common seashells and scrap iron, however, this item tends to appear only in the Blue Hole Depths.

Your best chance of finding feather coral is to dive deep within the Blue Hole, scanning the sea floor for items you can pick up. I’ve had the most luck finding it towards the right side of the screen, somewhat towards the area where you can also find the Sea People Record Chamber. You may also need to pick up a UV light to go through tunnels packed with tube worms, as the feather coral often spawns in areas below these. UV lights are generally easily found in underwater chests located near a tunnel full of tube worms.

The nice thing about feather coral and other items that only spawn when you’re actively seeking them is that they will be marked with a little blue diamond. This makes it fairly easy to tell when you’ve spotted feather coral versus another item like a sea urchin or seashell. You can also recognize it, compared to other quest items marked with a blue diamond, by its feathery shape and pinkish hue.

Once you locate the feather coral, you don’t need to do anything special to get it. You can just hover near it and pick it up like any other item you find resting on a surface in the Blue Hole. After acquiring the feather coral, you’ll typically need to take it, along with any other ingredients requested by the Sea People, to Bancho so he can cook it down to make it edible.

The Sea People will have plenty of requests for you as you navigate through your journey in Dave the Diver, but hopefully, this one just got a little bit less frustrating now that you know where and how to find feather coral.