All door and safe codes in Stray

Cats see things no one else does.

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There are plenty of codes that you will discover during your journey through Dead City in Stray. From safes to doors, you will need to access them all to successfully get your little cat back outside. Of course, it’s not going to be easy to find all of these codes. They aren’t all in plain sight, and you’ll need to go searching. This guide contains all door and safe codes in Stray so you know how to open each one.

What is the Flat door code?

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The first of the codes that you will need comes immediately after finding B-12 and activating them. After opening the door to leave the Flat, you will run into a door protected by a coded lock. Finding the passcode for this door is simple, but you will want to activate your light to see it. Go into the small room attached to the hallway. The code is 3748 and it’s written on the whiteboard.

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What is the Slums binary safe code?

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Once you reach the Slums, head to the left of where the Guardian is. You will see Morusque with their guitar. Just past where they are sitting is a safe that has a mysterious answer key. The password to this safe can be found behind the picture hanging on the wall to the left of the bartender. The code for this safe is 1283.

Where is the Slums library safe key?

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While there is a safe in the library in The Slums, it doesn’t actually require a code. Instead, you need to locate the key, which is found in the backroom of that same library. This is part of the quest to find all four Outsider Notebooks, so the chances are that you’ll do this naturally without even considering this safe something that stands out as secretive.

Where is Doc’s secret lab code?

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During the second part of the Slums area, you will be tasked with finding Doc’s secret lab in Seamus’ apartment. You can find this code by reading the clocks on the wall in his apartment. The code should be 2511. Type it into the keypad behind the photograph to open the door to the lab.

What is the Midtown safe code?

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Once you reach Midtown, you will find a robot standing in front of a small shop. It will be wearing a thick, white coat. Make your way into the shop, and you will find a safe in the upper corner. The code can be found written in reverse on a paper attached to the back of the shelf behind the shopkeeper. The code for this safe is 8542.