All Elun Missile Expansion locations in Metroid Dread

More missiles, more fun!

Image via Nintendo

Samus Aran starts Metroid Dread with her Missile Launcher, one of the most iconic weapons in the series. While she doesn’t lose this ability during the power drain at the start of the game, she is left with a pretty low Missile count. Luckily, Missile Tanks (or Expansions) increase this every time you pick one up.

By the time you reach Elun, you’ve likely already gathered a good number of Missile Tanks, but there’s always more to find. This zone has just two, and both are the standard size that add an additional two Missiles to your maximum. Here’s how to get them.

Elun Missile Tank #1 [+2] | Requirements: Speed Booster

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s a set of Speed Booster Blocks in the bottom right room on the map. To break them, sprint into the fan above to charge up speed, then store a Shinespark jump. Quickly go down the path, sliding through the narrow parts, and launch yourself straight up into the left side of the ceiling to reveal the hidden compartment that holds Tank.

Elun Missile Tank #2 [+2] | Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs, Power Bomb

Screenshot by Gamepur

The other Missile Tank is in the vents above the Chozo Soldier boss room. As you move through them in Morph Ball form, bombing your way to the right, you’ll come across a Power Bomb Block. Return once you have that ability to blow open the path forward, then follow this to find the Missile Tank in the vent above.